Upcoming Zim Rapper DroCole Teams Up With Zambian Rapper Mumble Jumble

 By Takudzwa Kadzura 

A geographical survey in the hip hop industry got us in Nyanga where we bounced into a gem on the brink of breaking through. DroCole is an upcoming artist based in the resort town. Despite the challenges in channeling music from the outskirts the youngster is defiant and will soon reap.

Zimbabwe and Zambia rappers DroCole and Mumble Jumble African hip hop

His latest work is a feature on Zambian longtime friend and rapper from the upper Zambezi side in Lusaka. DroCole and Mumble Jumble’s collaboration is further indication that young people’s dreams are valid. That is if one decides to deeply consider how the up-and-coming rapper from Nyanga has managed to hustle that duet called Prime Time. Different angles looking at it but at the end of the day it is the music that matters.

In a previous engagement DroCole stated, "I want to preach hope. I want to preach the truth. I want to inspire others to find their true purpose and stop living according to conditions imposed on them." 

Now the work is advocating for the boy’s dreams. Prime Time is indeed a well executed duet which relays solid and powerfully threaded bars. Mumble Jumble, who sets the tone gives the song a rhythmic intro before DroCole comfortably fits in. 

It is in this song that DroCole asserts his value and after listening to his catalogue, Prime Time clearly brings out the best out of this youngster. He (like any other artists starting) still has areas to work on and improve. And fortunately there is room for that.

Listen to Prime Time by Mumble Jumble and DroCole on this YouTube link.

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