"I Got Robbed" - Dough Major Slams Frosty Bars Challenge and DJ Tamuka

 By Takudzwa Kadzura 

In technical shambles, cold war, and nepotism, this is how Frosty Bars Challenge allegedly ended. The technical glitches might have been forgiven in the first place, but it has been alleged organizers were actually doctoring results of the challenge. Frosty Bars Challenge appears to be a brainchild of DJ Tamuka and Ray Vines with the financial aid from different corporate brands.

Efforts to up the Zimbabwean hip hop game are well appreciated and there was indeed a good response from the hip hop fraternity. Now that M Killer has been announced winner, taking home the US$1K and the decision has been castigated by fans, we got in touch with Dough Major who seems to have been the likely winner.

Dough Major said, "Firstly, they outlined a 2-week period for submissions and announcing the winner. I submitted during that period, but they didn’t close at the stipulated period waiting for ‘this guy’. They said they would choose winner on Friday the previous week and my fans were all over the pages, so they didn't proceed and later announced M Killer as winner last night (Tuesday 25 August). DJ Tamuka is even deleting comments on the posts because everybody knows they wanted to give this money to their hommie. Bruh, M Killer was the least favorite talking views, comments, and shares... That's why they were delaying all along, looking for a way to give their nigga the money."

In a follow up to check the responses on DJ Tamuka Instagram, there is indeed a section of fans fuming and cursing. Trying not to be judgmental, the challenge collapsed and the fact that M Killer is actually a Mushroom recording artist according to Dough Major has seemingly brought all the credibility down.

We also got in touch with Splits Loui, one of the hottest rappers on the look-out from the East Side who also participated in this challenge for a comment and he had kind words.

"Okay, I feel the winner walked in, met his blessing and I believe everyone has their time to encounter their win. My friends pushed me to take the challenge and I also got an amazing track out of it. However, I didn’t really like how they handled the competition, they said winner would be announced in two weeks and about a month later they announced a top 3 unaware. I’m sure next time they are going to fix the glitches and I also send love to the winner."

The organizers have proceeded to announce that two runners up have been awarded with a recording session at Mushroom media. With the money already in Killer’s pockets, the opportunity to record at Mushroom is a bittersweet lick for Dough Major.

Still, in the grand scheme of [entertainment], efforts to lift the game up are very much appreciated. 

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