REFRESHING SOUNDS - Mandie Mae Is The Fresh Voice of Reggae/AfroDancehall in Zimbabwe

 By Takudzwa Kadzura 

Amanda Nkomo, better known as Mandie Mae (aka BadGyalMandie), is a 19-year-old music sensation who hails from Bulawayo. She represents the new wave of young women storming the music industry. Like she fits right into Beyonce’s 'who run the world' or Steflon Don’s challenge 'can you compare me to the niggas that be winning'. But Mandie didn’t mention either of the two on where her inspiration is derived from.

Mandie Mae Bad gyal mandie bulawayo afrodancehall artist
Mandie Mae aka BadGyalMandie

It is definitely Koffee, a generational talent. She has further released covers for Koffee songs and there are indeed striking similarities. It is a matter of interest to hear from a curious young mind. We managed to jot down a few questions to peep inside her girl-childhood, family, and music.

And let us get right into it.

ZimSphere: Hey Mandie; people would like to know how you realized that you can actually sing and record?

BadGyalMandie: I realized I can sing when I joined the school choir at grade 5 and I was introduced to the recording industry in 2017.

ZimSphere: Did that receive support from family and friends? Tell us their reaction and how you finally succeeded to convince them it is really your passion.

BadGyalMandie: My family was hard to convince, as any typical African parent would find it hard to allow their children to do such, but they later allowed me as I was achieving something.

ZimSphere:  As a girl child how does it feel working in an industry dominated by men?

BadGyalMandie: It has helped me improve my craft as i want to beat them in their own game.

ZimSphere: The message you want to put out through your music?

BadGyalMandie: I want to show the world what Africa is, how Zimbabweans live and the message that comes with struggle and how to get over it.

ZimSphere: Who funds your music and videos, are you signed to a label?

BadGyalMandie: My work is self-funded.

ZimSphere: Which areas of your career do you think promoters can help you?

BadGyalMandie: Definitely the financial areas.

ZimSphere: Besides music are you looking up to something else or you're entirely about music? Any dreams other than music?

BadGyalMandie: I’m also looking at having my own label/company that does everything to do with the industry from filming, videography etc.

ZimSphere: How do you keep up with going to studio as part of your schedule?

BadGyalMandie: I don’t go to the studio all the time so I manage fairly well. 

ZimSphere: Tell us about drug abuse in the music industry, is it true that most artists indulge, and do you think it's a problem?

BadGyalMandie: The people we look up to are misusing them, I think most artists tend to normalize abusing them which is not good.

ZimSphere: Looking forward do you intend to make an album now that you've proved to be hard-working with What Did I Say EP?

BadGyalMandie: Not as of yet.

ZimSphere: Do you have anything to say to a fellow upcoming girl child in the music industry, what should they expect?

BadGyalMandie: They should expect hardships, struggles and choices they are forced to make because of desperation. But they should stick to their goals and pride no matter what.

ZimSphere: By chance this interview is checked by lots of people, who is your local dream collaboration?

BadGyalMandie: Nutty O.

ZimSphere: Have you performed live before and on your first live how did it feel seeing people vibe to your music?

BadGyalMandie: I have, and the response was great, and it made me want to give people more.

Mandie Mae has already given us more with her latest offering, What Did I Say? EP. The EP is a multi-cultured piece of music and it is in this EP that she declares “a queen can rule the kingdom”. 

Mandie Mae What Did I Say EP
Cover for the EP What Did I Say?

Her ability to flow in Patois on Afro upbeat reggae beats is her most precious secret. Gifted with an organic tender voice she sings through Never Dweet which is a top quality vibe. Special recognition deservedly goes to the producer of the short collection - Collinthaproducer. 

If opportunity is to knock her doors we are going to welcome another gem on the music turf. 

Get the EP What Did I Say? By Mandie Mae via this link or stream it on her SoundCloud. 

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