Dough Major and Michael Chiunda Are A Formidable Force

 By Takudzwa Kadzura 

After a successful collaboration on Hazvidi Dzungu, Dough Major and Michael Chiunda have prolonged their relationship with another hot duet - Wakuketa Staira. The song relays a common experience where your crush overlooks your style but eventually regret in the end. We get through that quite a lot.

Dough Major latest zim hip hop songs 2020
Dough Major 

Dough Major is the self-proclaimed Shebeen rap king a sub-genre of hip hop which on the surface is best understood as rap technically dominated with comic lines and prose rather than poetry. Dough Major is spearheading this section. 

This article is heavily inspired by interest in exploring a bit more about Michael Chiunda and why the two make a force. 

Michael chiunda
Michael Chiunda

We recently got in touch with Dough who revealed, "Michael is my brother and we understand music the same way despite the difference in our sound. I have always been a fan of his work and to work with him is an honor. But what made us make a lot of records is that he truly vibes with my music too." 

Michael Chiunda is one exciting talent in the hip hop spheres of Zimbabwe. For a game that is growing fast the two youngsters have made a firm statement ‘muchadaira kana makuketa staira’

Listen to Hazvidi Dzungu by Dough Major and Michael Chiunda here

Listen to Wakuketa Staira by Dough Major and ,Michael Chiunda here

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