Jungle Loco Confident and Upbeat Ahead of 'Bata Mastreets' New Album Release

 Setfree Chikwati for Jungle Loco

Thrilled I am to announce the release of Jungle Loco's album Bata MaStreets (The First Book Of Loco) which is now scheduled for the 15th of August 2020 having been pushed back from the 24th of July for promotional reasons.

Jungle Loco Bata Mastreets album zim hip hop 2020
Jungle Loco (formerly Jungle Kid)

The solid body of work is Jungle Loco's third solo studio album.

A project largely inspired by, as he stresses, “The observations, encounters, experiences at large that have moulded his socio-political and socio-economical views from early childhood up to this day”.

The First Book of Loco is a 19 track project aimed at  instilling and equipping the listener with what the rapper prefers to term "STREET SMARTNESS," defining his album as an urban street survival-skills manual and also a unique blend of entertainment and education.

On the project, Jungle Loco worked with the following producers: Jonn The Producer, Pepzee, Cyber 101, Lyre, Looda Beats, D' Varren (all hailing from Masvingo) and Cyp who is based in Rusape. Jungle Loco also produced 2 tracks on the project namely Guy Codes and The First Book Of Loco.

The feature list is also laden with very much promising Masvingo based artists such as Kriss Newtone, Shian, D-Varren, Baba Rah, Axe Poz, Yeang Lee, Bongzee and Woodburn. He also reached out to R. Peels who is based in Chitungwiza for a joint by the title "Hapana". Tha Dawg (from Bulawayo) features on "Bvarura Homwe" and McPotar who is based in South Africa on "Pride".

Jungle Loco Bata Mastreets
Tracklist for Bata Mastreets (The First Book of Loco) by Jungle Loco

BM_TFBOL will be selling at USD$3 /equivalent. Please get in touch with Setfree Chikwati on 0771205426 for Pre-orders.

You can also get in touch with/follow Jungle Loco on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube - all the platforms carry the handle "Jungle Loco".

Thank You.

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