Walter Magaya’s Yadah Stars fined $82,000 for breaching Brazilian players’ contracts


HARARE — The ambitious Premier Soccer League (PSL) team Yadah Stars, owned by the charismatic religious leader Walter Magaya, has been fined $82,000 by FIFA for breaching the contracts of Brazilian expatriate players.

The three Brazilian players whose contracts were terminated "without just cause", according to a FIFA ruling. 

Failure to settle this fine by July 27 will result in a ban for three consecutive transfer windows, prohibiting Yadah Stars from registering new players both locally and internationally.

The penalties arise from Yadah’s breach of contracts with Brazilian trio Joao Pedro Marques Barcellos, Juan Luciano Faria, and Deivid Pereira de Brito, who were introduced by the club on July 14, 2023. 

The South American players, deeply frustrated and anguished by their treatment at Yadah, took their grievances to FIFA on May 10.

FIFA's Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) ruled on June 12 that Yadah Stars had terminated the players' contracts "without just cause" a few months after they were signed. 

Image: The Sunday Mail

Consequently, Yadah Stars must pay each player $19,580, plus 5% interest per annum from April 4, 2024, until the full amount is paid, totaling $58,740 in compensation to the trio.

Additionally, the DRC directs Yadah Stars to pay each player $1,220 per month for the period between November 1, 2023, and April 1, 2024, during which the club failed to meet their contractual obligations.

FIFA has informed the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) and the Footballers Union of Zimbabwe (FUZ) about the sanctions imposed on Yadah Stars. 

The Sunday Mail reported that when pressed for comment, Yadah Stars chairperson Everson Chatambudza did not respond to questions regarding the club’s plans to comply with the FIFA ruling.

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