Sheara Di Man back with a new EP titled ‘Ngwarira’


NORTON – ZimDancehall crooner Sheara Di Man says he does not regard himself as a recording artiste, as he prefers performances more. And he says this because he has some new music. 

Sheara Di Man Ngwarira EP

He was chatting to The Norton Times after the release of an EP titled Ngwarira. To many, the EP represents a huge comeback by Sheara Di Man, an artiste who rocked Norton and the country with the laid back tune Amainini in 2018. 

He relocated to South Africa in search of greener pastures, around the same time as fellow Norton chanters Apie T and Pradzo Mix (Madzibaba VeMafaro). 

All of them have since returned home, with Pradzo Mix being the busiest in terms of studio releases. And a lot of Norton Zimdancehall fans have been enquiring as to why Sheara Di Man is quiet. 

Apparently, he has been busy in the studio with the primary objective being to boost his playlist for shows. 

“I see myself more as a performing artiste than a recording one. Yes, I do record, but that is meant to help me grow the performing brand”, he said. 

Ngwarira EP is a five-track project produced by two of the country’s best producers, Levels and Samcriss. 

On the overall, we feel it is a decent production and offering that encapsulate Sheara Di Man's relations with his experiences in the world, and he conveys such to listeners in a manner that is digestible and easy on the ear. 

You can check out the project on YouTube:

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