‘A match made in heaven’ - Sista X shows her striking rap talent in the song ‘Elements’ featuring Bloq


I HAVE used those words in the first part of the title because of the infectious hook by Bloq; as the words and sounds keep ringing in my head without abating. Such is the powerful energy of Elements, a song by relatively unknown but immensely gifted rapper Sista X, which features Bloq. 

Sista X, whose real name is Mercy Dhliwayo, is multifaceted creative—being a hip hop artist, poet and creative writer from Zimbabwe, now based in South Africa. 

As the co-founder of the Slam Emporium PLK, a spoken word movement that hosts captivating events across Polokwane, Sista X is becoming a driving force in the creative spaces—both in South Africa and at home. 

The new song Elements is slated to be the first single from her upcoming EP, which is scheduled to grace us in the winter months of June/July 2024, this compelling work stands as a bold statement on the nature of female sexuality and autonomy.

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Elements acknowledges and embraces the sensuality and agency of women, challenging the societal norms that have often sought to confine them to the role of dependents. 

Through her evocative lyrics, Sista X asserts the female ability to take charge in matters of the heart, while maintaining a supportive and autonomous stance in relationships. 

And such a powerful narrative stands as a bold sign of the artist's unwavering commitment to empowering women, and shattering the traditional expectations placed upon them.

I have not heard a good rap song serving as an ode to all the intricacies of romantic affection in the longest, and I have to say Elements by Sista X is as good as it gets. 

In a way, one can get the feeling that these are still the formative, explorative steps of Sista X in the rap game, but notwithstanding this, Elements is a good starting point for her. It is this element that I love about the song Elements.

The way she arranges her words in her profoundly deep lyricism is delightful, a harmonious assemblage of fantabulous melodies, instrumental, and lyrics. 

Hers is an intellectual foray into a wellspring of top-shelf lyricism. The distinct way with which she interlaces her words in painting a clear, colourful, and hopeful love story is indicative of her unrivalled creative powers. Complemented perfectly by euphonic hooks from Bloq, the essence of the song is amply captured—as “elements align and energies combine”. 

Sista X is a sophisticated mind at work, whose musical knowledge should be duly credited. There is no doubt whatsoever about how she is comfortable with her words on some sweetly sounding beats. 

She is a huge talent to closely follow. 

You can listen to Elements by Sista X featuring Bloq below and share with the world your thoughts:

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