THE POET’S HAVEN – ‘The Love of Music’ by Rumbidzai Shiri


RUMBIDZAI Shiri born on 12 August 1998 is a burgeoning spoken word artist whose craft has already begun to reverberate throughout the Zimbabwean arts landscape. 

The Poet's Haven Zimbabwe Poetry

Her talent is a reflection of her grit and tenacity, as she carves out a career as a self employed poet, sacrificing comfort and security to pursue her passions. Her command of language is a reflection of her astute mind and keen sense of empathy, allowing her to weave poems that resonate deeply with her listeners.

The Love of Music

Rumbidzai Shiri 

Speaking to many souls all over the earth

Which makes it valuable

Yes, one out of a million times

Don't know how to define, because it's not that easy

That little secret, always there and can't be destroyed

Many souls having that feeling, moments and that time for it

Not a dissolver but always strong 

The most powerful healer ever 

Courage, motivation, hope and strength to those lonely hearts

Without it can't survive 

That vibe, those lyrics, that melodious tune in the ears of many

The rhythm in it 

The craziness, it is you music

You make each of every minute a second chance

Only wild thoughts of course

lf you were not there then what? 

A question that keeps haunting the mind.

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