THE POET’S HAVEN – ‘Love, Look What You Made Me Do’ by Starr Spears


AS far as words are concerned, there is no need to worry given the poignant poetry by Starr Spears. Born on the 16th day of April in the year 2005, Starr is a weaver of words, a scribe of sentiments, and a poetess who paints with a palette of emotions. Her quill dances to the rhythm of her heart, crafting verses that echo the human experience in its rawest form.


Starr believes in the power of poetry, viewing it as a bridge that connects souls, a language that speaks the unspoken, and a canvas that portrays the myriad hues of emotions. Her writings are not mere words, but the echoes of her soul, the whispers of her heart, and the reflections of her mind.

When the quill rests and the ink dries, Starr finds joy in the company of those she holds dear. She cherishes the warmth of love, the laughter of kin, and the thrill of exploration. Life, for her, is a book filled with unturned pages, waiting to be read.

Starr is a seeker of knowledge, a student of life, forever curious and forever learning. She thrives in the exchange of ideas, finding delight in unraveling the complexities of the human condition. Her conversations are a journey into the depths of understanding, a voyage into the sea of knowledge.

Thus, Starr Spears, the poetess of emotions, continues her journey, leaving trails of verses in her wake, touching lives with her words, and painting the world with the colors of her poetry—and below is her poem. 

Love, look what you made me do

Starr Spears

Love, look what you made me do,

Blinded by feelings, I couldn't see through.

Warnings ignored, advice cast aside,

In your embrace, my heart did confide.

They said you were trouble, a path I shouldn't tread,

But in your eyes, I saw love instead.

I trusted in you, believed in us,

In the midst of doubts, I chose to trust.

Your words like honey, so sweet and kind,

But beneath the surface, a truth I couldn't find.

Deceived by love's illusion, I fell for the lie,

In the end, it was love that made me cry.

Now I stand here, broken and bruised,

A heart in fragments, a soul confused.

Love, look what you made me do,

Believe in a dream that wasn't true.

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