REFRESHING SOUNDS: LimeRhymer’s new release ‘Bhizi’ marks his steady rise in rap and poetry


COOL and composed. Yet the statement is clear; without any doubts. This is what the new release by LimeRhymer titled Bhizi is all about. Something you can bump to, that inspires you to 'keep it real'. 

Latest Zim Hip Hop music 2024: LimeRhymer - Bhizi

Born Peter Anesu Mafuzha, the 22-year-old artist's latest work is a bold sign of his unwavering dedication and creativity, as he continues to leave his imprint in the world of music.

LimeRhymer's journey in music began at a young age, with a consistent dedication to his craft that has resulted in an impressive array of projects. His notable works include rap projects like Zenaidy, It's Time, LoopHope, and Orchestrated Ballads, as well as spoken word pieces such as The Tasteful Test and Fluctuating Demo.

Bhizi, released last month, is a clear indication of LimeRhymer's rising confidence in rap circles. The song showcases his ability to align his rhymes perfectly, creating a lasting impression of a serious artist who is focused on his craft and not distracted by frivolous pursuits. 

The fact that he is a dope poet should not be understated. 

The simplicity of the Bhizi video should not be mistaken for lack of depth. Instead, it serves to highlight LimeRhymer's serious demeanor and suave style of rap. 

The video invites viewers to tap into the rhythm of the song, while appreciating LimeRhymer's unique style. His youthful exuberance, evident in the video, makes him an exciting talent to watch.

Watch the video of Bhizi below and share with the world your thoughts:

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