NEW MUSIC: Banshee’s writing shines in new song ‘Mbinga’


FOR Banshee, vacuous raps are not her cup of tea. Rap makes sense to her if she addresses pertinent issues in society that are sometimes pushed to the peripheries of public social discourse. And this is evident with her new single release titled Mbinga, and it is an enchanting musical creation that has the potential of leaving an indelible mark on listeners. 

Banshee ZW releases new song called Mbinga

Mbinga is a track that speaks to men's mental health as it relates to financial matters and romantic relationships. Basically, how their pockets have a say on the choices they make in purported matters of the heart. Banshee tells us, at least, that both genders suffer their fair share of repercussions in these issues. 

The new song by Banshee can be construed as one with an intention to encourage women to stand by men during difficult times and foster relatability. How this may be particularly achieved is something Banshee does not really explicate with sufficient clarity in the song. But we love that she acknowledges fundamental contradictions that shape how we perceive our relationships. 

“This single is a testament to the power of communication to bridge the gap that exists between the genders and it strives to illuminate the internal struggles that men hardly share but often go through,” says Banshee. 

“I did my best to place myself in the shoes of most men during the creation of this body of work and earnestly hope it will be received well. I can not wait for the world to experience the sentiment woven into this song and look forward to some great feedback.”

To her credit, the release of Mbinga signifies the positive trajectory of her career in the music industry, and, by all accounts, she is a voice worth one's time.

The song Mbinga was produced by Boy Tricky; and the beat was crafted by Honey Uchi. It is an instrumental gives Banshee the opportunity to express what she intends—and with a bold resolve for that matter. 

We love Banshee's abilities to push the boundaries of creativity; and she does so with unwavering dedication. Her power is in her brilliant poetry, as she weaves words together in a wonderful manner that leaves one wanting more. Such is her writing talent. Her choice of words shows an intelligent mind at work. 

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