THE POET’S HAVEN – ‘Life as a Zimbabwean’ by Andile Tshuma

ANDILE TSHUMA, a young 19-year-old lady, brims with aspirations and calls herself God's very own golden creation. Born on January 6, 2005, at Pelandaba Clinic, she grew up in Njube, Bulawayo. Her educational journey began at Helemu Primary School, where she discovered her passion for writing stories in grade five. As she matured, she honed her talents, eventually becoming a prolific poet and spoken word artist. Her voice carries profound messages that resonate with hearts both nationally and internationally.

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Andile's ink sparkles uniquely as she crafts pieces in Ndebele, her indigenous language, and English. Through her poetry, she delves into life experiences, touching on themes like gender-based violence, substance abuse, mental health, and more. But her talents extend beyond writing—she's also a captivating storyteller, adept at acting out narratives. As an actress, she contributes to AFRI WHISPERS, a crew dedicated to impacting lives through shared day-to-day events.

Notably, Andile is a member of SKILL A COMMUNITY, an organization empowering girl child artists by equipping them with knowledge on digital security. Her primary strength lies in poetry, and she graces various occasions, from weddings to GBV campaigns, with her performances.

Her achievements are commendable: she secured a second medal in a poetry competition representing Zimbabwe at the INTRA AFRICA POETRY SLAM, where she emerged as the second runner-up. Additionally, she received the Outstanding Female Poetess award from the ROYAL JEW AWARDS. This year, Andile's spoken word poetry video earned her another accolade, and she continues to pursue her passion for poetry and the arts. With unwavering determination, she believes that God has beautiful plans in store for her, and she strives to reach the peak of her potential.

Andile's positive impact on her community and those who admire her is evident, and she harbors hopes of publishing her first anthology in the near future.


Andile Tshuma

Life as a Zimbabwean is indeed a bitter plight,

By hook or crook I strive to never lose sight.

With vigour and God's grace I fight,

With all might.

To keep the flame of my passion to reach to the peak to always be bright. 

In the dawn I rise with hope seeing that at the end of the tunnel there's indeed light.

But as the night,

Creeps everything seems so tight.

I bloom like a flower with pride,

Allowing all my life pains to slide.

As l believe that one day l will wear a crown of victory and glow like a bride. 

In all dire situations I will never let God live my side,

And the ladder to success I will ride.

My vision and capacity so wide. 

No matter how devastating the economy is I will bear the bide.

Life as a Zimbabwean is not just a walk in the park.

Its the survival of the fittest, everyone trying to make a mark.

Unemployment making lives to be engulfed by murk.

Despite that we try to chase away the dark.

Life as a Zimbabwean is sometimes sweet and fun.

We embrace our culture with dignity,seeking perfection. 

We always ready for action.

Tackling our problems with a positive reaction.

As a nation we practise unity,

To make sure order prevails so does tranquility. 

Life as a Zimbabwean has made me to be bold,

Like a chosen generation I will shine like gold.

As a youth l've made my mind not to allow my rights as a girl child to be sold.

My dreams and aspirations I will mold.

And my mother's words of encouragement to motivate me to keep on going ,in my heart i will forever hold.

Like a soldier I will fight and my hands I will not fold.

Life as a Zimbabwean is sometimes rough,

And today am saying enough is enough.

Down with injustice, with inequality and unemployment.

Its time you and me create a better and brighter Zimbabwe for the future lies in our hands.

In one voice,

One vision and ambition lets work hard and raise the burner of the Zimbabwean flag high.

Today I take a stand to say as a Zimbabwean I will hold the candle and keep the zeal of being a true Zimbabwean burning no matter what.

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