Schools defy government ban on holiday lessons, risk disciplinary action


MUTARE – The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE) has warned that schools conducting extra lessons during the April holiday risk disciplinary action. The directive, reiterated by MoPSE Communications and Advocacy Director, Taungana Ndoro, on April 12, emphasizes the importance of rest and independent learning for students during the break.

Holiday extra lessons in Zimbabwe: schools defy government ban, risk disciplinary action
Image: Associated Press

Despite the directive, several schools in Manicaland Province are reportedly conducting normal lessons. 

Schools such as Baring Primary School, Dangamvura Primary School, Murahwa Primary School, and Rock of Ages are said to be holding vacation lessons. The lessons range from Forms Four, Five, and Six classes to the entire stream of learners for day-to-day lessons.

Parents and guardians are being asked to pay fees ranging from US$1 per day per learner at primary schools to US$10 per subject at secondary schools. 

Some private schools, experiencing increased enrolment after public schools heeded the government directive, are charging as much as US$20 per subject for secondary school learners.

An anonymous authority at a private school in Mutare told The Manica Post that they ignored the government directive to prepare their learners for the forthcoming Cambridge examinations.

The Secretary for Primary and Secondary Education, Chris Mhike, issued the directive banning vacation school classes towards the end of the 2024 First Term. 

The Ministry commended the dedication, hard work, and creativity of teachers during the first term and noted the requests received to allow vacation school for examination classes. 

However, the Ministry decided not to grant authority for vacation school during the April holidays.

The second term is set to begin on May 7, 2024.

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