ALBUM REVIEW: ‘God Over All Things’ by Bryan K – A deep reflection of our spiritual journeys


HARARE – So, over the Easter holiday, l had the privilege to attend the album launch for Bryan K album. It started off with some games and picnic set up people with people cozying themselves with games like Jenga, Hooping, amongst others.

Bryan K God over all things album G.O.A.T
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The launch, which registered a commendable attendance, was supported by different corporates including CBZ Holdings, Neon Hiring, Zimbabwe Publishing House, GREYGATE, G Force Security, and Tose Global Records—portending a good relationship between the business world and artistes. 

Bryan K’s second gospel album, which is aptly titled God Over All Things, or G.O.A.T, is a powerful and uplifting collection of spiritually-relevant songs that showcases his laudable growth as an artist; and his deepening reverence to his professed faith of choice. 

Following his transition from making secular music to solely focusing on gospel – and it might not be wrong to say that in some of these transitions, other sections of fans are lost by the artist in the process – Bryan K delivers a heartfelt, carefully-contemplated, and sincere musical offering that is sure to resonate well with listeners. Or perhaps, that is set to resonate well with a loyal dedicated part of his fan-base. 

“I am so grateful that God chose to trust me with this music. It’s work that I am very proud of and hope it encourages people out there and maybe serves as a reminder that God loves them so much, that He loves everyone where they are,” said Bryan K. 

The album’s nine tracks are a resounding testament to Bryan K’s undying passion for creating music that celebrates God’s love, grace, faith, and hope. With each song, he invites listeners to deeply reflect on their own spiritual journey—and encourages them to surrender fully and wholeheartedly to God’s will. 

Bryan K’s masterful and creative production skills shine brilliantly throughout the album; as he crafts each track with precision and imbues the songs with ample emotional depth.

One of the album’s highlights is the track Nobody Else, where Bryan K explores the tricky idea of finding purpose and meaning through a personal relationship with Christ. The song’s message of seeking validation solely from God and living for his approval relates strongly and serves as a reminder of the importance of faith in one’s life.

“This song talks about how God saved me and has been walking with me on this journey every day, how He is understanding and so kind to me, how He is patient with me as I am progressing and working to be a better human being,” Bryan K explained.

Another standout moment on the album is the remix of the classic hymn Ropa Rajesu, featuring guest vocals from Saint Floew. Bryan K’s reimagining of the song infuses it with contemporary elements while staying true to its timeless message of Jesus’ atoning blood. The result is a powerful and moving rendition that highlights the eternal power of salvation and transformation.

Throughout God Over All Things, Bryan K’s vocals are captivating, and his lyrics are thoughtful and thought-provoking. He skillfully guides listeners into a place of worship, reflection, and renewal. Each track carries a sense of authenticity and sincerity, creating an atmosphere of spiritual connection.

The album’s collaborations, such as Take It Away featuring Banshee, add an additional layer of depth and variety to the project. Bryan K’s willingness to collaborate with other talented artists enhances the overall listening experience and showcases his versatility as a musician.

God Over All Things is now widely available on all digital music stores, allowing listeners convenient access to the album; and obviously with the end goal being to proliferate inspiration and encouragement in their daily walk with God. 

Bryan K’s work is an attestation of his faith and serves as a reminder of God’s love for everyone, regardless of where they are on their own spiritual journey. For those who want to get a glimpse into Bryan K’s musical transition, this latest album is a good starting point. 

While there is room for further exploration and experimentation – a situation that applies to every artist who voices their soul on the mic – there is no doubt that the album boasts strongly in the departments of quality and impact. 


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