Zimbabwe's Fortune Charumbira re-elected as Pan African Parliament president


MIDRAND, South Africa – Zimbabwe's Fortune Charumbira, the Deputy President of the Chiefs Council, was re-elected as the President of the Pan African Parliament (PAP) on Monday. 

Chief Fortune Charumbira elected pan African Parliament president
Chief Fortune Charumbira 

The election took place during an extraordinary session at the PAP headquarters in Midrand, South Africa, aimed at filling vacant positions in the Bureau.

Charumbira, representing the Southern African Development Community (SADC), overcame challenges from other aspirants, including Zambia's Miles Sampa. 

His re-election follows a recent dismissal by a South African High Court of an application by Botswana MP Christian Greef, who sought to halt the PAP session.

The session also saw the re-election of Prof. Massouda Mohamed Laghdaf from Mauritania as the First Vice President of the PAP, and the election of Djidda Mamar Mahamat from Chad as the 4th Vice President. 

These positions had become vacant due to elections and unconstitutional changes of government in some African Union member states.

Charumbira's previous term as PAP president was terminated by law after he temporarily ceased being a legislator in his home country, Zimbabwe, following the dissolution of parliament for elections last August. 

He first assumed the PAP presidency in 2022, courtesy of a seat in Zimbabwe’s Senate reserved for traditional leaders.

The Pan-African Parliament, also known as the African Parliament, is the legislative body of the African Union.

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