Thomas Mapfumo rejects Wicknell Chivayo’s luxury car and home offer; calls it a ‘bribe’


HARARE – Chimurenga music legend Thomas "Mukanya" Mapfumo has rejected claims that he had accepted an offer of a $200,000 luxury car and a $300,000 home from controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo.

Thomas Mapfumo rejects Wicknell Chivhayo gifts
Wicknell Chivayo and Thomas Mapfumo [Image: Nehanda Radio]

In an exclusive interview with Nehanda Radio on Monday, Mapfumo said, "I'm not that type to be bribed like that." Mapfumo explained that he was surprised to receive a phone call from Chivayo before he went to bed on Sunday evening.

"Yes, I know he likes my music. He called me before I went to bed and told me he was in New York on a visit. I asked him how his family was, and that was that," Mapfumo said.

It appears that Chivayo took a screenshot of his phone call with Mapfumo, and many bloggers have been using this to claim that Mapfumo called Chivayo, which was not the case.

In a social media post, Chivayo had encouraged Mapfumo to publicly renounce his past criticism of the ruling Zanu-PF party, dangling the prospect of a luxury vehicle and house should he do so.

Chivayo's offer came after Mapfumo last week ridiculed musicians who were begging for vehicles from the profligate businessman.

"These young musicians are poor. Don't laugh at them for receiving the luxury car gifts, they haven't seen cars like that before," Mapfumo said in an interview with Nehanda TV.

Mapfumo criticized Chivayo and the Zanu-PF government for donating expensive cars to musicians while ignoring the poor state of hospitals and the poverty that most Zimbabweans face.

"They are accepting all these beautiful cars because they can't afford them. I saw Jah Prayzah thanking him (Wicknell Chivayo) after receiving a car that he had never seen," Mapfumo said.

In response such attacks on free-spending spree, Chivayo said Mukanya had fallen on hard times, a situation that could be remedied if he apologized to the ruling party.

"As much as I love his music kusekana kwana kamba kwe ku sekana makwati…Iye anei? [He] came to Zim and was stranded and had nowhere to stay. The opposition will use you and never help you. Kufira fame pa social media chete," Chivayo said.

Chivayo also said that a lot of riches awaited Mukanya in Zimbabwe if he realigned himself with the ruling party, as it was destined to rule forever.

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