Shock as man stones brother to death over a Liverpool-Man City match


KWEKWE – Now, this is chilling. A man from Zhombe is on the run after allegedly killing his brother over a dispute about a football match between Liverpool and Manchester City. 

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The victim, Edmore Mhike, 27, of Hotera Village under Chief Samambwa in Zhombe, was struck on the head with a stone by his younger brother, Peter Mhike, 22. The fatal assault occurred during an argument with Joakim Moyo, 29, about the outcome of the football match.

According to the police, the brothers were watching the match on Sunday around 7 pm. After the game, a disagreement ensued between Moyo and the suspect. 

Moyo, arguing that Liverpool had the upper hand, angered Peter, a Manchester City supporter, who began throwing stones at him. 

When Edmore intervened to stop his brother from assaulting Moyo, Peter turned against him. 

The altercation escalated when Edmore used a wooden bench to hit Peter, who retaliated by striking his brother on the head with a stone. Edmore died instantly from the blow.

The police confirmed the incident in a statement: 

"Police in Kwekwe are appealing for information which may lead to the arrest of Peter Nhike (24) who is being sought in connection with a case of murder which occurred at Nganunu Shopping Centre, Zhombe on 11/03/24 in which his brother, Edmore Mhike (27) died. 

"The suspect allegedly assaulted the victim using a wooden bench and a stone following a heated argument over a football match. Anyone with information to report at any nearest Police Station."

Upon arriving at the scene, the police found Edmore Mhike with a swollen face and blood coming out from his head. A report was immediately filed.

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