NEW MUSIC: Ulenni Okandlovu shows his brilliant artistry in ‘See Me Now’ produced by Liberaxe


ULENNI OKANDLOVU is a super creative par excellence; and his latest single See Me Now, produced by the ever-reliable Liberaxe is clear evidence of this truism. With See Me Now, he shows us how versatile he is; his awe-inspiring talent and creativity shining through for all to witness. 

Ulenni Okandlovu releases latest Zim hip hop song called See Me Now produced by Liberaxe
Ulenni Okandlovu 

Ably anchored by Liberaxe's innovative sounds, Ulenni shares a relatable narrative of tenacity in the arduous journey called creativity. His is an exhortation to creatives—and ardent listeners—to keep going. 

And now we see him. Which is the point of this song. 

Ulenni has been excelling in his endeavours, and there is no doubt about. One cannot talk of Skeyi and Strobo Fabrik Party without mentioning the name Ulenni Okandlovu. Or Bantu Spaceships. And the Europe tours. Such is his amazing artistry. An all-round creative. 

And his penchant for progressive collaborations with other creatives is vindicated here—and Liberaxe flaunted his masterful production capabilities on this one.

With this single, Ulenni's point is clear: he is a trailblazer who dares to trudge the paths others have never walked. So when he says you see me now, he truly means it. 

Ulenni Okandlovu, See Me Now produced by Liberaxe

Liberaxe's touch complements Ulenni's artistry in a show of understated elegance. Their call is for us to survive whatever we are going through. Because the dream should never die. It is a graceful audio exposition.

See Me Now is a refreshing listening experience as far as hip-hop sounds in Zimbabwe are concerned. And that suffices.

So, yes, Ulenni, we see you, and we love your dope work. 

Listen to See Me Now by Ulenni Okandlovu via this link:

Alternatively, you can get the track by following the instructions in the image below:

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