City of Harare councillors criticise council management for water crisis


HARARE – In a recent council meeting, City of Harare councillors expressed their dissatisfaction with the council management's failure to address the city's longstanding water crisis. 

Harare City Council councillors blame council management for water crisis
Perpetual blame games at Town House ... 

The councillors, led by Ward 41 representative Kudzai Kadzombe, called for accountability from companies that received substantial payments but failed to deliver services.

The meeting, held at the Town House in the capital, brought to light a petition Kadzombe received from her constituents. 

"I was given a petition from residents of Blufhill, Goodhope, and Area D in which they said they have endured more than four months without a drop of water. I handed over the petition to Engineer Victor Musikavanhu [Acting Harare Water director] but there has been no progress," Kadzombe revealed.

The petition included statements from the city council, showing residents being billed for water they have not received. 

"This is why I'm passionate about recovering that USD$1.1 million given to companies which failed to deliver services," Kadzombe added.

Councillor Cecilia Chimbiri echoed Kadzombe's sentiments, criticising the lack of progress from companies that received large payments. 

She insisted that such companies should not be allowed to evade accountability.

The City of Harare has grappled with water issues for decades, with safe and adequate water supplies for drinking purposes reaching critically low levels. 

This has resulted in the spread of waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid over the years, further exacerbating the city's health crisis.

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