NEW MUSIC: Silent Killer’s ‘Tinokunda Sei’ is a meditative lyrical prayer for better days


SILENT KILLER, a name synonymous with the gritty, pulsating rhythms of ZimDancehall, has once again proven his unmatched lyrical mastery with his latest release, Tinokunda Sei. His unconventional style and unique delivery have been the bedrock of his enduring career, and this track is a testament to his unorthodox genius.

Silent Killer latest February 2024 song Tinokunda Sei
Image: Silent Killer Angel of War Kuf Dem Records/FACEBOOK

Silent Killer is a chameleon of sorts, his persona shifting between the controversial, the comical, and the contemplative. Tinokunda Sei showcases him in a deeply introspective and prayerful mode, a side of him that adds another layer to his multifaceted artistry.

Tinokunda sei? Isusu tichitsva musana nekudumbu ... 


In the new February 2024 track Tinokunda Sei, Silent Killer bares his soul without losing his edge. He delves into deeply unsettling existential questions and harsh realities faced by Zimbabwe's marginalized urban communities. He deftly positions himself as both a voice for the voiceless and a critically conscious artist with inimitable gusto; urging us to immortalize his stories in print by writing books on his music, life, and lived realities:

Nekuti tinobata ngunzu (criminal activities)

Musafunge kuti kuda

Hatina hupfu 

Vamwe mukararama life yatorarama

Handinzwe muchiti bufu 

Tinofambira masango asina tsime, kana kuti chitubu

Ndabaiwa nenyota, hamuwanike mufuku

Shungu dzangu, ndinoda kudya good food

Tichigara tine good mood

Kwete kungoswera tichiita rugu rugu

Dai uriiwe, if it was you, waiita sei, tell me what would you do? 

Aya mashoko anobva kumuimbi 

Itai muchizvinyora mubook

This track is particularly intriguing as it employs a familiar strategy from Silent Killer's playbook. The song, a reimagining of the original 2021 version with the same title – or a "refix" – is brought to life under the expert production of Oskid and the backing of Passion Java Records. 

Silent Killer's knack for reviving underrated tunes under fresh production has proven successful in the past, with hits like 'Mulundukwa' and 'Dhiki Mudiki Diki'. 

The original Tinokunda Sei track released in 2021 was produced by Mobstar at Royal Dynasty Records. 

The original Tinokunda Sei was somewhat overlooked upon its release in 2021, a time when Silent Killer's popularity had waned. Now, with renewed attention, he has chosen to reintroduce the track. 

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The song's tempo and cadence remain faithful to the original, a feat skillfully achieved by Oskid. It's not a fast-paced production, but one that keeps you engaged until the last note. With melodious inflections punctuated by well-placed kicks and snares, Silent Killer's lyrics shine.

Silent Killer's signature tone, even when delivering a heartfelt prayer over contemporary ReggaeDancehall beats, is undeniably militant and obstinate. It's a fine line between self-obsession and delivering a potentially life-changing message. 

This duality is part of his charm. 

Some may feel compelled to revisit the original 2021 track for comparison, but this is a pursuit for the die-hard fans. 

The original was more hardcore, while this version is mellower, aiming to create commercially appealing music without compromising the lyrical content.

He concludes with a defiant refusal to be shamed for his substance use, insisting that any mistakes he makes on his arduous journey should not be attributed to drug use or abuse. 

This bold statement is a fitting end to a track that encapsulates the essence of Silent Killer: complex, controversial, and undeniably captivating.

Mukaona ndichikundikana, musableme mutoriro, chingoti tsotsi iro ...

On the overall, it's an excellent piece of musical work that does justice in keeping Silent Killer's name relevant at a time when his relevance is susceptible to crass and misguided collective thinking that he is no longer relevant. 

For this author, on a personal note, this is one of his top favourite tracks from Ngirozi Yehondo's vast discography. 

If you are looking for a cohesive lyrical flow with profound content – in terms of the social message preached – from Silent Killer, Tinokunda Sei is a commendable start. 

Listen to Tinokunda Sei by Silent Killer below and share with us your thoughts: 

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