NEW MUSIC: Nitefreak drops new release titled ‘Savior’ featuring MOLE and Coco


THE assurance of immersing oneself in electrifying rhythms and breathtaking melodies from the unparalleled DJ/producer Nitefreak is one we take absolute pleasure and fulfilment in. Not to mention that here is a Zimbabwean artist whose global renown (exemplified by his busy live performance schedule in various countries worldwide) continues to soar; a monumental feat that ought to be highlighted and celebrated with unrelenting regularity. 

Nitefreak, MOLE, Coco - Savior, new AfroHouse 2024 song, Deep Root Tribe Records

Nitefreak, the Deep Root Tribe artist, has released a new track titled Savior, which features MOLE and Coco; and it is a veritable masterwork that uplifts listeners to transcendent realms of euphoria. 

The song steadily builds with a curt, ethereal introduction tinged with pulsating hats, claps, and synth. With such a solid foundation, it gradually rises into a frenetic but well-composed crescendo that compels one to bring their body in movements aligning with the ensuing rapture of irresistible harmony; as the palpable chemistry of the artists rises eminently with the swirling influx of sounds that converge to exude a memorable listening experience. We are served with elements of Nitefreak's signature drums and bass-line. 


Savior shows the three artists; Nitefreak, MOLE, and Coco; revelling in the ecstasy of a melodious house production executed with the poise of seasoned pros. Standing out as a joint showing Nitefreak's ever-improving game, Savior notably draws our attention to the immense power of collaboration that Nitefreak has masterfully grasped; a hallmark of his affiliation to Francis Mercier's Deep Root Records. We witness the power of collaborative creativity and a celebration of musical synergy shared between Nitefreak, MOLE and Coco. The collaborations (emphasis added) are always an exciting feature of Nitefreak's music to look forward to. And he delivers impeccably well on such a promise. 

MOLE, an "aspiring DJ from Munich [Germany] who is currently one of the most sought-after in the region and beyond the national borders to Austria," brings a flair of melodic house and electro, ably anchored by Nitefreak's Midas touch, to provide a seamless, enjoyable electronic anthem. Coco's poetic mood on the track, in which she radiates a celestial flow of lyrics yearning for an elemental experience of dreamy but expressive, unhinged romantic love – desiring to be her lover's "savior" till the end of days – takes the song Savior to lofty heights. 

She clearly savours her bold, unapologetic, and spirited attestations of love. Her incredibly dynamic vocal projection adds admirable and profound levels of impassioned energy to the song. And her energized spirit of electronic music deftly envelopes the entirety of the production; and with this, she is outstanding on the track.

Club scenes worldwide will definitely be charmed, serenaded, and amped by Savior for its charismatic melody and ability to transport listeners through its intricate orchestration, while at the same time ensuring a good time is had. Nitefreak once again proves his mastery at fusing African rhythmic prowess with electronic textures as far as AfroHouse is concerned. 

Each component – from the sonically-rich instrumental arrangement, to the seraphic vocals, and to the pristine mixing – resonates with soulful precision.

Savior is now available on digital streaming platforms.

Listen to Savior by Nitefreak feat. MOLE and Coco below and share with the world your thoughts:

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