Mugabe's centenary: Close family and loyalists mark 100th birthday in quiet celebration


KUTAMA - In the quiet rural setting of Kutama, Mashonaland West, a unique celebration took place. Family members and close allies of the late former President Robert Mugabe gathered to commemorate what would have been his 100th birthday, a "posthumous centenary" as they called it.

Mugabe 100th birthday celebrated by family members and allies in private event in Kutama
Late President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace; she helps him cut a birthday cake at celebrations at Masvingo on Saturday, February 27, 2016. [Image: CNN]

This event, largely unnoticed by the country's media, was brought to light by Jealousy Mawarire, a former journalist who served as Mugabe's media liaison following his ousting from the presidency in 2017. 

Mawarire shared an image on X with the caption, "The man to my right, Mkoma Wonder, stood by Mdara RGM till the end. It was wonderful to catch up with him at Kutama today for the posthumous centenary birthday celebrations for President Robert Mugabe."

Robert Mugabe, a figure who loomed large over Zimbabwean politics, ruled the nation from 1980 until his removal in 2017. He passed away in 2019 at the age of 95. 

Known for his fierce and often controversial leadership, Mugabe once predicted in an interview that he would live to see his hundredth year.

The timing of the centenary celebration coincided with the Zimbabwe National Youth Day, a holiday declared by the current administration under Emmerson Mnangagwa to honor the country's youth. 

This day, February 21, also marks Mugabe's birthday and serves as a continuation of the late leader's once-famous birthday celebrations under the now-defunct 21st February Movement.

Mugabe's extravagant birthday celebrations were once a staple on the national political calendar, themed around celebrating Zimbabwean youths. 

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