Hwende Promises to Use Personal Funds on Refuse Collection in Kuwadzana


HARARE – Kuwadzana East Constituency Member of Parliament Charlton Hwende has promised the residents of Kuwadzana that refuse collection challenges in the area will be a thing of the past as he suggested personal funds will be used to improve service delivery. 

Charlton Hwende MP Kuwadzana east constituency

In a conversation in the Kuwadzana residents online, Hwende said, “Our priority is regular refuse collection; together with our two councillors, we are now at an advanced stage of getting two trucks from the City of Harare which we will repair using our own resources, and they will be fueled by us to do regular refuse collection”, he said.

This comes after he has been accused by some residents for neglecting the constituency for the past six years as its MP. Some of the accusations include failure to hold feedback meetings. According to one of the residents, there has only been one feedback meeting since Hwende became the MP in 2018.

Another resident also accused the Member of Parliament for labelling residents who ask for accountability as either agents of the Mwonzora faction or as Zanu PF agents.

Kuwadzana residents have bemoaned the blame games, citing that some of the small development efforts such as cutting grass in public spaces do not warrant putting blame on the ruling party. 

They are also saying that they are tired of fake promises from these politicians who avoid accountability by remaining absent; only to surface during elections time or to meetings with supporters of their political parties.

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