Xiba's Powerhouse Return: Unleashing Artistic Independence with 'New Girl'


‘Don’t mind if you call me Yonce’. That is the bold bridge that Xiba delivers on her latest offering titled New Girl. And truly so, maybe. 

Xiba New Girl
'New Girl' cover art

Most of you remember Xiba from her powerful performance on 2022 hit song Jumanji, where she collaborated with Saintfloew and Bagga, when she was still at Holy Ten's imprint, Samanyanga Sounds. 

Those days are long gone now, and Xiba is ready for a foray into solo superstardom, just like Beyoncé did in 2006 when Destiny's Child disbanded. 

She has made that clear in this here first week of 2024 with a blazing hot track titled New Girl.

Xiba’s a new girl with a new sound, and this track not only reintroduces her to the music scene but also asserts her dominance as a talented and independent artist. 

This song serves as a powerful declaration of her artistic prowess and determination to forge her own path in the industry. With a newfound confidence, Xiba's bold move reflects her unwavering commitment to showcasing her undeniable talent.

New Girl is more than just a song; it is a sonic autobiography that takes listeners on a journey through Xiba's experiences as a young and ambitious artist. Through her compelling lyrics, she emphasizes self-belief and an unyielding dedication to sharing her unique gifts with the world. 

This track serves as both a manifesto and a testament to Xiba's intention to make an indelible mark in the music scene.

What sets New Girl apart is not only Xiba's incredible vocal abilities but also her hands-on approach to every aspect of production. Her level of creative control showcases not just her musical acumen but also her unwavering commitment to realizing her artistic vision. 

Xiba is not merely an artist; she is a storyteller, and New Girl is a captivating chapter in her evolving narrative.

The production of the track, led by the talented Sarchie, perfectly complements Xiba's vocals, creating a dynamic and vibrant soundscape that propels the narrative forward. 

The synergy between her lyrical delivery and the music production results in a highly cohesive and immersive listening experience. 

As the audio of New Girl gains momentum, it is evident that the infectious energy and relatable themes resonate with a wide range of audiences.

While we eagerly anticipate the release of the music video, it is clear that New Girl will not only make waves in the auditory realm but will also captivate viewers visually. 

The forthcoming video promises to add another layer of depth to the narrative, offering a visual interpretation of Xiba's creative mind and her purpose within the music industry.

With an 8/10 rating, New Girl truly showcases its undeniable strengths. The profound lyrics, the seamless synergy between vocals and production, and the thematic richness all contribute to its high score. 

Even as we anticipate the accompanying visuals, the current audio-only version has already left an indelible mark on listeners, solidifying Xiba's position as a rising star in the music landscape.

New Girl by Xiba is not just a song; it is a declaration of artistic independence, a celebration of self-belief, and a promise of greater things to come. 

Xiba New Girl
New year, New Girl, new sound [Image: @xibaofficial]

With this latest offering, it is clear Xiba’s renaissance is at its genesis. 

The talented songstress has superstar potential, and New Girl is a first step on her path to firmly establish herself as a powerful and distinctive voice in the music industry.

If New Girl is the start, then we might just become the privileged generation that witnesses Xiba become the Beyoncé of Zimbabwean music. 

You can listen to the song on Spotify, or view it below. Don't forget to tell us what you think! 

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