Starlink distributors in Zimbabwe face legal action amid licencing uncertainty


HARARE – The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has issued a stern warning to distributors and advertisers of Starlink Internet Services' gadgets, stating that they are at risk of arrest. 

Starlink in Zimbabwe
Image: TechZim 

This comes as several local companies have been found advertising these gadgets, particularly on Facebook, in clear violation of the law.

A significant number of these gadgets have already been installed by users. 

However, an official from POTRAZ confirmed that law enforcement raids are imminent to address those disregarding the law. 

The official emphasized that Starlink is not yet licensed in Zimbabwe, and anyone advertising or using their services is putting themselves at risk of legal action.

"It’s not allowed to sell or use Starlink in Zimbabwe and police will be mounting raids and arrests soon," the official stated. 

"All those advertising the gadgets are putting themselves at risk and they stand warned to stop selling and using them. We are seeing it and there is a need for proper processes."

The official further added that the use of unlicensed telecommunication is not permitted. 

"The service should wait for approval, the telecommunications process states that they must not interfere with other services. Their approval is very necessary so that we make sure there is no interference of frequencies."

Starlink is currently in the process of applying for a license, but they are not yet licensed. 

The official concluded by revealing that two individuals have already been arrested in Victoria Falls and Bulawayo, and their cases are currently before the courts.

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