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IN THE somewhat arduous yet blissful journey of creatives, there are always a number of critical issues that come to the fore and cannot be wished away. Without prevarications, the foremost requisite for a creative – in all artistic disciplines – to be visible and soar is a place or platform, physical or virtual, where they can carry out their works and bring them to life. 

Tarryn Talana Studio in Bulawayo music
The resplendence that greets you when you step into the studio. [Image: Supplied]

And for most creatives, this is always a tricky issue. It is one that requires critical resources in the form of finances, time, and space for the creative to carry out their work. For many, finding a conducive space to engage in their works on a professional scale is often a strenuous undertaking. 

One may be immensely gifted in what they do, but without a physical platform in a professional setting – without a place to devote their material resources and connect with fellow creatives – such talent may painstakingly lie dormant; the vast potential of amazing creativity curtailed and strangled. 

Say you are a rapper. And you fail to find a studio that best suits your working preferences. And time, gnawing at you insidiously, flies by, while you still can't record because you can't find the perfect studio for your liking. That is a ticking time bomb. Well, Tarryn Talana holds a different perspective to that end ...

Tarryn Talana: A music lover with steadfast resolve and a generous heart for other music lovers

But this is where Tarryn Talana, a brilliant musician in her own right, comes to the fore. An affable individual who effortlessly radiates warmth and good vibes, she is a visionary, who impresses on you her undying zeal to scale dizzy heights. 

Through her studio, Tarryn Talana Studio located in Bulawayo, she professes a profound desire to shed light on the city’s amazing but unheard talent, and to propel them to renown—a desire solidly embodied through the magnificent studio. 

This author had the privilege to step inside the enchanting world of Tarryn Talana Studio, courtesy of the brilliant rapper-producer TMak (as he took us through an amazing listening session). And it’s an uplifting experience perfectly suited for any creative who holds untamed ambitions to have their voice heard.

(Speaking of which, TMak – a resident creative at Tarryn Talana Studio – is working on exciting projects that will be released in due course. So yeah.)

Tmak Tarryn Talana Studio Bulawayo
TMak [Image: File/ZimSphere]

The studio, birthed in March 2021, invites you to be as creatively gifted as possible, for it is set up in an interesting yet intriguing manner where unfettered artistic expression curiously meets strident adherence to the highest standards of professionalism in doing business. Which is an impressive trait by all accounts, as it creates an orderly way of doing things. 

From a totally purist perspective, Tarryn Talana Studio, situated in Bulawayo’s CBD environs, is a beautiful sight to behold—I found myself wholly enthralled and engrossed in the resplendent visual art that adorns the walls of this musical haven. 

I was so completely captivated by this atmosphere that I had a mic in my hand, spitting some ‘freestyle’ bars. It was as empowering as it was cathartic and fun. 

From left: Frank Chirisa, Rumbi Chikuni, Nomqhele Sisa Nkomo, and Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza.

The studio offers such a striking view that gestures towards good entertainment value dashed with sufficient doses of seriousness. It is a vibrant and safe place for the creative to do their work in the most artistic and professional way that one can envisage. 

Perspectives on the budding creative enterprise

Tarryn Talana Studio has a unique feel markedly different from other studios; it feels like a “home for musicians”.

Inside view of the studio [Image: Supplied]

Tarryn Talana told ZimSphere, “I guess when you get into the studio, into that space, it feels like home. It doesn’t feel you are going there for business. 

“You know how creative you get when you are at home in your own space or in your happy place and you are so comfortable, that’s what makes the studio different because it’s that comfortable. 

“You can call it a safe haven. Like l always say, l built a home for musicians so it’s their home.”

Speaking on the high and low points the studio has experienced since it was brought to life, Tarryn Talana offered some candid insights. 

She emphasized the joy of discovering artists, and, in an obvious case, bemoaned the financial difficulties that sometimes hinder the full potential of the studio. 

“The highs for me have been the artists that have been discovered because of the studio, and also another high for me is that sometimes there are people that can’t afford studio and we create a space for them to go through the experience like recording for the very first time in a professional studio setup. 

“The lows obviously are financial issues. It’s very taxing. I take out more than I get in, so sometimes its so expensive; and sometimes I can’t afford to do stuff that l want to do because of that.”

In a context that is often inimical to the interests of art, managing creative endeavours while running the day-to-day requirements of (self and family) sustenance is definitely an onerous exercise. 

We can only attempt to posit that the inspiration underpinning the concept of the studio is enough fuel to keep Tarryn Talana engaged in this enterprise – indefatigably so for that matter.

“The concept of the studio comes from the fact that I was always surrounded by musicians because I’m a musician too, and it was always a dream of mine to actually help them,” she remarked.  

“Sometimes they would have good songs but no money to record them or no equipment to create their records and express themselves so my concept behind me building was for to actually help these guys. Oh and myself too because l love music.”

What makes Tarryn Talana Studio an impressive concept is that it is fashioned with the resolute goal to assist [underground] artists with a space to carry out their works.

“The overall goal for the studio and the vision, like I said, is to help artists. Especially underground artists who are still new and don’t know how to navigate the musical scene, that my goal and vision. I want the studio to be a stepping stone for artists as they get into the big side of music,” Tarryn Talana stated.

Conclusion: A safe space worth a visit

And this is what captures our attention the most. It is often difficult for emerging artists to find a studio that is best suited for their working preferences, and that gives them ample room to be themselves in doing their work. And doing so in a professional manner, realizing that this is a sanctuary for a number of creatives as well. 

So, yep, that is all about Tarryn Talana Studio in Bulawayo. 

For the specifics of doing business, Tarryn Talana told us: “All you need to do is book an appointment, you can contact us via Facebook, Instagram or our WhatsApp number and then we schedule you in. Our operation hours are from 8 - 5 from Monday to Friday ONLY. We are closed over the weekend.”

The studio’s social media handles are @tarryntalanastudio on IG and FB; @StudioTalana on X/Twitter; and their WhatsApp number is +263773722950. The location is Robert Mugabe & 3rd Avenue, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. 

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