No mountain too high for Nyanga-based rapper Drocole – A review of ‘Interior Ting’ EP


NYANGA – Drocole, the Nyanga bred hip-hop sensation, has released an Extended Play aptly titled Interior Ting. The rapper’s continued rise has been a notable tale of resilience worth talking about. The EP is composed of five tracks including two features with King Lung and Scott Saunders. 

Drocole interior Ting EP latest ZimHipHop 2023

This terse write-up endeavors to critically appreciate each of the five to determine feasibility of Drocole’s not so ambiguous strategy canvassed in the Interior Ting.

1. Interior Ting

The EP opens with a fast paced rap which inflates the perceived impression of a somber tone given the title Interior Ting. Interior things are usually abstract as they are confined in characters of individuality/innermost. Drocole decides to amplify these characters – ‘I had to raise my vibration’. 

The momentum set by his tone is coherent with the urgency of doing what one has to do before fate helps you with it. The track rushes the digestive stage of understanding the artist’s enduring stream of consciousness.

2. Do The Most

The rapper draws back the energy to allow room for meditation – ‘high on train bumping Natty Dread’. This withdrawal replicates the biological warfare whose collateral damage stirs the nerve system leaving trails of uneasiness. 

The message impressively corresponds with the inserted melancholy and reinstates our default thematic understanding of the ‘interiority’. 

Significantly, the track Do The Most proves that Drocole’s emphasis on success is not in coincidence but a bona fide personal ambition and at the same drop evokes our personal agency to take charge.

3. Feel OK feat King Lung

The collaboration gifts Drocole with validation. King Lung dutifully locates Drocole’s interior ting to which he cuts in a defense splitting pass making it harder to miss the target for the former. 

Feel OK is a track high in tempo which reignites the rapper’s agility to clinically bury the chance. He further excites the listener with simplistic lyricism yet prolific in converting an overly used nuance of harmony as a fundamental human need.

4. Makaveli, feat Scott Saunders

Stand for something and only beg to differ’ is a subtle teaser of Makaveli. Scott Saunders intercedes the memorial reincarnation of the legend’s sanctified revolutionary hip hop escapades. 

The rappers’ adamant solidarity remains identical despite their subjective projection of ‘realness’. Being the second time both are on the same track confirms the compatibility of personalities hence song does not sound too unusual for followers of hip hop as an institution of true defiance.

5. Summit

The track summit sums up the totality of irony intended and not limited to Drocole’s. Summit is common vocabulary in the life of anyone who calls Nyanga their home. This is where Zimbabwe’s highest altitudinal point is located – Inyangani. Hence, the artist’s illusionary conceptualization of Interior Ting can be attributed to the same privileged proximity. 

The track rattles the emotional attitude at a distance respectful of our ‘wild’ unique empathy-elasticity. DroCole is in the zone of fluctuating rate at which he has no option than to contextualize the subject matter of the EP. He employs a tactful rhetoric which elevates the relevance of his Interior Ting to generalizable standard.

If they ask you where you from and where you going, just say you headed to the top, from the valleys where the sun is never showing, will I make it to the summit?

Evidently though, Interior Ting EP by Drocole is a genuine reminder that the tenacious rapper has deprived us visuals for far too long. This thinking is gifted by the EP whose major strengths are vestiges of creative penmanship deserving a pleasure of camera lenses. 

The producers are also credited duly for their meticulous and attentive deliberation of DroCole’s style across suitable sonic terrains, which signals an improvement from previously released projects by the rapper.

Listen to Interior Ting EP by Drocole using the link below and share your comments in the dialogue box:

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