Ken Wahmambo pairs up with Pah Chihera in Scintillating Love Song 'Pakutanga'


If you listened to his 2021 project Tsime Rerudo, you must know Ken Wahmambo's penchant for love songs, music that makes you feel love, even though you might not be in love. 

Ken Wahmambo Pakutanga
Delightful duet—Pakutanga cover art

Two years on, the Afro-soul crooner has announced his triumphant return to the scene. This time, he has collaborated with the queen of love duets herself—PahChihera.

In the enchanting love ballad Pakutanga (In The Beginning), Ken WahMambo and PahChihera come together to create a truly mesmerizing musical experience. Their seamless collaboration, combined with heartfelt lyrics and awe-inspiring visuals, leave listeners utterly captivated from start to finish.

Ken Wahmambo and Pah Chihera

The lyrics of Pakutanga are nothing short of profound. They beautifully express an intense appreciation for the presence of a loved one, capturing the essence of enduring love and the commitment to treasure every precious moment. As the words of the song unfold, they intertwine with the melody, creating a poetic and emotive journey that resonates deeply with the audience.

What makes Pakutanga truly remarkable is the undeniable vocal chemistry between Ken WahMambo and PahChihera. Their voices effortlessly blend together, creating a harmonious and soul-stirring sound that is a delight to the ears. Their heartfelt delivery of the lyrics adds an extra layer of emotion, beautifully conveying the love and longing conveyed throughout the song.

Accompanying the audio release is a visualizer featuring Ken and PahChihera holding hands in various scenic locations. The visuals add a sentimental touch to the song, allowing the audience to visually immerse themselves with the love story portrayed. Nonetheless, we await an official music video, as it could further elevate already heightened emotions. 

From a production standpoint, Pakutanga boasts impressive quality. The musical arrangement is skillfully crafted, allowing each instrument to breathe alongside the vocals without overpowering them. This attention to detail ensures that the song flows smoothly, captivating the listener with its melodies and harmonies.

While Pakutanga is undoubtedly a heartfelt duet deserving of praise, there is still room for experimentation. Although 'Pakutanga' ticks all the boxes for a perfect love song, Ken Wahmambo and PahChihera could've pushed boundaries to add a new dimension to the art of dueting. 

While the song delivers beautiful melodies and emotive performances, it could benefit from more unique elements that would differentiate it and make it stand out even more.

Overall,  Pakutanga is an enchanting love song that effortlessly showcases the talent of both Ken WahMambo and PahChihera. With its profound lyrics, breathtaking vocal performances, and stunning visuals, it succeeds in evoking genuine emotions within the listener. 

While it may not be groundbreaking, its heartfelt delivery earns it a solid 4/5 rating. Fans of soulful love ballads will surely find solace in the tender beauty of Pakutanga.

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