Festive season road accidents claim 87 lives nationwide


HARARE – At least 87 people lost their lives and another 424 were injured in 1,194 road accidents recorded across the country between December 15 and 26. Out of these incidents, 60 were fatal.

Road accidents in Zimbabwe festive season 2023

This marks a decrease from the same period last year when 102 fatalities and 289 injuries were reported from 1,480 accidents, 71 of which were fatal.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the National Police spokesperson, urged drivers to adhere to road rules and safe driving practices to curb the annual rise in traffic accidents and pedestrian fatalities during the festive season.

“The period under review encompasses Unity Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. On Unity Day, 125 road traffic accidents were recorded countrywide of which five were fatal while 24 others were injured as compared to 124 road traffic accidents with two fatalities, two deaths and 18 people injured in the year 2022,” he said.

“On Christmas Day, 25th December 2023, 71 road traffic accidents were recorded countrywide of which seven were fatal, killing eight people and injuring 78 people. In the same period in 2022, 133 road traffic accidents were recorded with 12 were fatal, 20 deaths and 48 people injured,” he added.

Nyathi further reported that on Boxing Day this year, 82 road traffic accidents were recorded nationwide, resulting in nine deaths from nine fatal accidents and 36 injuries. This is a slight decrease from 2022 when 99 accidents were recorded, causing eight deaths and 32 injuries.

“Most of the road traffic accidents occurred on highways as a result of speeding, inattention, overtaking errors, overloading, misjudgement, following too close and recklessness on the part of drivers,” Nyathi explained. 

The Zimbabwe Republic Police urged drivers to exercise caution and promote road safety during this holiday season. 

“We remind drivers that road safety is a collective responsibility which needs the cooperation of all motorists, family vehicles, public service vehicles, and haulage truck operators, among others,” Nyathi concluded.

The government has since reiterated that drivers should adhere to road rules and safe driving practices during this holiday season to reduce road traffic accidents and pedestrian fatalities.

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