Enemy lines drawn as Michael Magz releases hard-hitting ‘New Chapter’


From the Book of Malachi, to sworn enemies. This is what seems to the prevailing reality as Michael Magz has dropped a militant release titled New Chapter. The new song and video are evident in meaning – Michael Magz is opening a new chapter in his music career.

Michael Magz New Chapter

Michael Magz, formerly affiliated to Holy Ten’s Samanyanga Sounds, left the group after Holy Ten’s new management announced that his contract had to come to an end after a year, as had been agreed.

Just as in Saint Floew’s situation, the exact details of Michael Magz’s departure from Samanyanga Sounds were enshrouded with obscure details.

Holy Ten seemed to have confirmed that it was not all rosy in the Samanyanga camp, throwing subliminal attacks to Michael Magz in his new release We Don’t Do That Here. It seemed to have confirmed unsavoury details that were leashed to the grapevine.

In response, and in an effort to furnish details regarding his Samanyanga departure, Michael Magz has released a no-holds-barred attack aimed at Holy Ten, in which he alleges [and asserts] that Holy Ten tried to take advantage of him during his time at Samanyanga.

In New Chapter, Michael Magz sticks true to his word—spitting relentless bars that signal the concrete reality that indeed, he has severed all ties with Samanyanga Sounds; and that the situation has reached a point of no return. Or so we think.

What Michael Magz has achieved with devastating precision is portraying the fact that he can stand his own ground as a formidable rapper in his own right.

How this ‘supposed beef’ turns is definitely a story for another day.

But what sticks out is that in the final analysis, the internecine struggles within Samanyanga between the two rappers threaten to eclipse the notable and exceptional achievements that the pair achieved together.

In terms of production capabilities, Magz held his forte. New Chapter is a devastatingly short track—a deliberately calculated method to entice the listener towards repeating the song endlessly. It works. Because all Michael Magz had to do was swiftly respond to grapevine allegations; and he did so with enviable ambidexterity.

The latest release by Michael Magz is a point of divergence in the game right now—the bonds of brotherhood have been shattered; yet it is also a momentous point of reference in terms of publicity.

All we can say is that this terse song and video portends a different direction of winds. And that there are some hard-hitting, controversial lines in New Chapter.

Oh, and the video was shot on an iPhone. That’s such a sign of pressing urgency. 

You can listen and watch the video to New Chapter by Michael Magz below and share with the world your thoughts:

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