ECCENTRIC PROSE – The Ramblings of a Mad Man Who Loves to Think and Write Profusely

*Eerm ... Well. Yah. A bit of some eccentric prose is back (after an unplanned hiatus), for all those who commiserate with the insanity of creatives. Dive into the madness ... 


SOMETIMES I think I am getting more deranged. Because of certain things I think about. And here is how it goes.The trajectory seems at best, and in honest terms, quite precarious. It is a stark, concrete reality betwixt in a matrix of striving for humanization and making ends meet while plagued with a plethora of debilitating exploitative and repressive conditions. This is the reality that obtains in our political economy. 

Eccentric Prose Zimbabwe literature writing by Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza for ZimSphere
‘The disjointed thoughts of an eccentric genius ...’ to quote the immortal Donald Dodger Marindire. 

There are some critical fundamentals we all got wrong. As Frantz Fanon said, our hands are all dirty. The material reality, thus, is a confrontation with all the contradictions of the hegemonic status quo—it makes you the paradoxical embodiment of all the contradictions that the conscious has brought to the fore; a walking paradox. The classic reflection of dialectics. The everyday battle against our own internal contradictions, as Amilcar Cabral said. It is a paradigm that seems impossible to surmount. In psycho-therapy, it borders on being a deliberate pathological state that portends freedom; an existential crisis at age 26. Fanon said decolonization is an ugly but inevitable process. Those words are indelibly engraved in my consciousness. I would wish this extends to the collective national consciousness. It is not a stroll in the park. It inescapably elicits belligerent feelings. Which should not be ignored but rather embraced and acted upon with resolute, unshakeable will. To even find the language for this is a sign of remarkable success. For me, at the very least. 

What cannot be denied is that definitely, the life we are living is not the type of existence to savour. It is acerbic. Beyond any reasonable doubt. And this is devoid of any abstraction—the condition of “being” must be unconditionally humanized. The incontrovertible verdict for the status quo is obsolescence. Nothing could be further from this truism. That is why sometimes I feel my madness could be going out of hand now. But it's all good. I have learnt to live with it. Because amid the constellation of such deviation from accepted norms, I live by Antonio Gramsci’s ruminations on what makes counter-hegemonic [public] organic intellectuals. So I get mad ... in the midst of existential dread ... 


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