Zimbabwean woman arrested in South Africa for grisly murder: Beheads boyfriend and dismembers body


PRETORIA – In a shocking and gruesome incident, a 33-year-old Zimbabwean woman has been apprehended in South Africa for allegedly murdering her boyfriend, beheading him, and cutting his body into pieces. The horrifying crime happened in the neighboring country.

Zimbabwean woman arrested in South Africa
Image: netivist

The accused, Tatenda Mhlanga, along with her South African accomplice, Johannes Lebese (53), made their appearance at the Benoni Magistrates' Court on Monday, facing charges of murder and violating a corpse. 

Lumka Mahanjana, the Pretoria spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority, confirmed the arrests on Tuesday, shedding light on the disturbing details of the case.

According to Mahanjana, the chilling events took place on November 11, 2023, when vigilant crime prevention wardens intercepted Mhlanga and Lebese, who were carrying a suitcase. 

Suspecting foul play, the wardens demanded to inspect the contents, and to their horror, they discovered the severed head and upper body of Mhlanga's ex-boyfriend, Obert Mazadza (42), also a Zimbabwean national.

"The wardens immediately alerted the police upon making this gruesome discovery," stated Mahanjana.

As law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and commenced their investigation, the Community Policing Forum (CPF) provided a startling revelation. 

Members of the CPF reported finding additional body parts at a nearby dumping site, intensifying the macabre nature of the crime.

While Lebese was promptly apprehended at the scene, Mhlanga managed to evade capture, taking advantage of the wardens' focus on the suitcase search. 

However, she surrendered herself to the authorities the following day, presumably realizing that her chances of escape were dwindling.

Mahanjana said in court, Mhlanga abandoned her bail application, and the matter was adjourned to November 24, when Lebese's formal bail application will be heard.

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