TheLastLetter’s ‘Pray For Me’ is a spiritual and musical journey of romantic love


There is something so delightful, warm, and affectionate from music by TheLastLetter that deserves closer attention. The way she draws a listener to her romantic affect makes complex emotions to be grounded in tangible feelings. 

TheLastLetter Pray For Me The Pink Room

Though a nascent voice, she is proving herself as one of the truest embodiments of what RnB sounds entail. 

Following her release of the single Nice Gyal, TheLastLetter has already begun clearing the way for her EP The Pink Room with her latest single release, Pray For Me

A contemporary Afro alternative tune layered with suave RnB inclined lyrics and mesmerizing vocals, TheLastLetter bares her soul in her quest for requited love. 

Pray For Me shows us TheLastLetter in her elemental experience of romantic love—an undying devotion to Cupid; and how her display of such devotion is cloaked with a veil of altruistic prayer. Her love is not a one-way avenue. 

In this way, prayer becomes a well-meaning love language that must be drenched in mutuality. 

She attempts not to be overtly idealistic, and perhaps prayer in love is as cathartic as it gets and should be embraced in that manner. The elemental experience of love

It could be that prayer is the ultimate symbol for love and loyalty.


TheLastLetter is a refreshing listening experience. Her heartfelt storytelling abilities vindicate her. 

Listen to Pray For Me by TheLastLetter below and share with the world your thoughts:

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