Robbery investigation underway after violent attack in Chegutu


CHEGUTU – Police in Chegutu have launched an investigation into a disturbing case of robbery that took place in the early hours of November 18th, 2023. The incident occurred at a residence located in Rifle Range, Chegutu.

Robbery crime in Zimbabwe

According to a police report, six unidentified males, concealed by balaclavas and wielding machetes, targeted a security guard who was diligently carrying out his duties. 

The perpetrators swiftly overpowered the guard, binding his hands with a rope.

During the course of the robbery, the assailants made off with a sum of US$20 in cash, as well as a cell phone. 

Their audacity knew no bounds as they ventured further into the house, launching a violent assault on two occupants. 

The victims, already traumatized by the initial attack, were powerless to defend themselves as the criminals made off with a staggering US$22,380 in cash, which had been stored in their bedroom.

In addition to the substantial amount of money stolen, the perpetrators also seized the keys to a Toyota GD6, a Toyota Land Cruiser, and a Chevrolet Trailblazer. 

Law enforcement officials are urging anyone with knowledge pertaining to this incident to come forward and provide assistance to the ongoing investigation by reporting to the nearest police station without delay.

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