OCD’s Slyme Foxx Reflects On Dark Days In ‘Magetsi’ Music Video


HARARE – This writing serves to qualify an affirmative gratification of a people in the path of this writer. It is along this path that Slyme Foxx finds himself in a stampede of souls beckoning for an end to suffering. 

Latest 2023 ZimHipHop: OCD’s Slyme Foxx Reflects On Dark Days In ‘Magetsi’ Music Video

His new music video Magetsi is like an Angelus bell that calms down this hullabaloo.

One too many times I have been in love with a song. 

In most cases songs which satisfy the listener’s curiosity in terms of image depiction. 

Essentially, the artist’s ability to paint pictures with words is an entry level requirement. 

The genius is however when the tone and nature of lyricism is delivered in pixels compatible with pictures committed to our photographic memory.

The song Magetsi dropped earlier this year as one of the tracks in Slyme Foxx’s album Slyme Szn (Season). 

It can be forgiven that not all of us managed to keep up with the blitzkrieg music releases from Off-Centre Department (OCD) this year. 

The follow up music video for this song exposes the likelihood of such strategies not being exhaustive in marketing; a scenario which is however not applicable in this particular context.

And as for the music video, it is steadily accumulating traction on YouTube. 

The dramatization of the script manifests the literature suggested in audio. 

Altogether, the video alternates what the audience can predict in a storyline but it takes Slyme Foxx and crew behind the scenes to meet the demands of authenticity.

Watch the video below and share with the world your thoughts:

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