‘COZI’ by Cray the I.G and xandiieee –A vibrant ode to urban street fashion and artistic expression


BULAWAYO – In the sphere of new age urban street culture, where artistic authenticity ought to take centre stage, Cray the I.G and xandiieee have crafted a refreshingly novel sonic and visual experience with their latest offering, COZI

Cray the I.G ft xandiieee - COZI latest official music video,Zimbabwe hip hop and fashion
Image: YouTube screengrab

This dynamic collaboration is a testament to the unfiltered embrace of street fashion through thrifting, exuding an infectious sense of confidence and style that will resonate deeply with dedicated enthusiasts.

At its core, COZI serves as a jubilant celebration of the emerging fashion trends in Zimbabwe, where thrifting has surged in popularity. 

Cray the I.G, in an exuberant display of appreciation, encourages listeners to express gratitude to the Lord Jesus for the accessibility of thrift clothing. Meanwhile, xandiieee fearlessly flaunts her braggadocio, showcasing her unparalleled creativity and mastery of cutting-edge fashion aesthetics.

Under the skilled guidance of veteran producer Larynx, the intricate and buoyant rap production of COZI seamlessly merges with the artists' intention to inspire Zimbabwean urban youth to embrace their own homegrown fashion creatives. 

The song's well-crafted lyrics serve as a clarion call, urging individuals to embrace affordable fashion as a means of expressing their identity and nurturing a sense of belonging within urban culture.

The accompanying video impeccably complements the lyrical vision, presenting a vivid showcase of the freshest and most captivating fashion ensembles that bestow genuine street credibility. 

It proffers a refreshing array of ingenious, unconventional combinations, from sneakers to pants, shades to accessories, showcasing the limitless possibilities of self-expression through fashion. 

Undeniably, the video has an invigorating effect on fashion enthusiasts, evoking a profound sense of comfort and artistic sanctuary across various disciplines.

While the single's primary focus centers on the merits of thrifting and its transformative impact on one's confidence and appearance, it occasionally veers towards a borderline endorsement of the practice. 

It inadvertently suggests that Zimbabwe no longer possesses the potential to create its own clothing, inadvertently emphasizing thrifting as the sole approved method of acquiring garments. 

Nevertheless, the resounding message remains clear: thrifting transcends geographical boundaries, empowering individuals to feel and look their best, regardless of their location.

Notably, xandiieee radiates an effortless elegance throughout the music video, exemplifying her timeless appeal as a visual artist. 

Her conspicuous visual presence in the video and lyrical prowess are even more remarkable, considering that this marks her first collaborative project in both audio and visual mediums. 

Reflecting on this newfound opportunity, she humbly acknowledges her past underestimation of her artistic talents and expresses gratitude for the platform that COZI has provided, allowing her to showcase her boundless potential to the world.

In an interview with ZimSphere, xandiieee opened up about her personal journey, stating, “I’ve been sleeping on my ability and passion for making music, let alone putting it out. So this feature came about unexpectedly and I’m grateful for it.”

xandiieee Zimbabwe music, creative
Image: YouTube screengrab 

She said that she will be working assiduously on releasing solo projects after COZI; adding that she thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with Cray the I.G on the new joint—that it was a “COZY” experience and vibe. 

“[Working with Cray the I.G] was a COZI experience, no pun intended. When he pitched it to me, I immediately understood his vision; he also understood my vision and how “different” my approach is on certain aspects, which made it easier for me to hop on the track. 

“And with me being someone who – for lack of a better word – isn’t ‘experienced’ in the music industry, he really took a chance with me on this one; he saw my potential, so BIG shoutout to CRAY the I.G and to Bangane for that,” xandiieee enthused.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the COZI video is the heartfelt tribute it pays to fellow Zimbabwean fashion creatives. Towards the video's conclusion, legendary names in the fashion industry are featured, individuals who have tirelessly injected fresh inspiration into Zimbabwe's fashion landscape. 

Brands such as Ebeg, Juluka, Ostri-Afric', Paparazzi, Richard Jeans, Rozebowl, Skeyi and Strobo (renowned for the Fabrik Party), Stolen Pieces, and Yet (Galore) are showcased, a testament to their invaluable contributions.

The cozy rhythms and visually satisfying aesthetics of COZI transport listeners on an ephemeral journey to the vibrant city of Bulawayo. 

It leaves an indelible impression, demonstrating the immense potential of both artists and signaling that there is ample room for experimentation with unconventional rap and videography concepts. 

Cray the I.G's iterations in COZI show heightened musical acumen, providing glimpses of his ability to transcend current levels and beckoning us to excitedly embrace the artistic evolution that lies ahead.

You can watch the COZI video by Cray the I.G featuring xandiieee below:

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