REFRESHING SOUNDS: Ashta Eez and Reverb 7 preach self-love in new single ‘Mjolo’


WITH a journey that began in Bulawayo, Ashta Eez finds herself scaling new heights with each and every new release. Now based in Poland, Ashta Eez, born Natasha Tinashe Angela Zembe, continues to locate some pride in being a singer/songwriter whose full potential is yet to be realized. Her new single titled Mjolo—an Amapiano-inclined track produced by the ever-reliable soundman Reverb 7—proves how much she is here to fully live her artistic blessing in line with prevailing sound trends.


Amapiano is arguably one of the most super-innovative strands of dance music originating from the South African club scene, gripping the region and the world with booming, thunderous “log-drum basslines” that are irresistible. One may try hard as they may to gloss over the undeniable rhythmic impact of Amapiano, but they — inescapaly so — end up lending their ears to this genre.

Such a wide-reaching and memorable outburst of sonic ingenuity (which has rightly attained global renown) cannot be trivialized. This the context and placement in which we find the Bulawayo-born Ashta Eez at the moment. We witness the brilliance of her artistry and infinite passion to share her lived experiences with others within the confines of Amapiano.

What makes the latest single Mjolo by Ashta Eez an anthem one can return to is the respected name behind the immaculate production. While the title ‘Mjolo’ may sound cliche or banal [and this is understandable], Reverb 7 makes it his mission to make the entire song a worthwhile listen.

By maintaining all the established components of what made Amapiano a global hit, Reverb 7 allows Ashta to seamlessly weave her defiant vocals and message into the appealing variations of a steady bassline, drums, synth, and snares.

In Mjolo, we hear Ashta being selfish with her heart, time, and commitment as she boldly raises a middle finger to that all-too-familiar situation called unrequited love.

Essentially, the song drives home the realization of how self-love is a fundamental aspect in the labyrinthine called romantic relationships; focusing on oneself is also a viable avenue towards contentment. With opening lyrics “you do not need to be in a relationship to be happy … focus on yourself”, the song sets the mood for a thought-provoking message with a fresh Amapiano sound bound to keep dancefloors filled.

Ashta continues, retelling a bad relationship, “never again will I commit this mistake,” vowing to eliminate all those bent on wasting her time. Mjolo. Such a wildly popular phenomenon often accompanied with not-so-rosy connotations.

And, about the etymology of the song titleumjolo is a Zulu (South Africa) colloquial term for dating, rooted in Afrikaans word jol (which means to let loose and have fun). 

In the song, it is used in the context of dating and relationships. So, when Ashta Eez injects her befitting vocals into the instrumental by singing ang’funi umjolo, she is simply conveying the message that she is done with this heart-to-heart issues, and that her guard is up. Like, high up there.

She concludes, “No more … Hell no”, as she chants “hayi” for that relatable touch Amapiano is known for.

The way Reverb 7 executed the whole concept into fruition deserves noteworthy recognition.

ps: Ashta Eez is a sought-after dancer whose love for dance has seen her grow her name in the entertainment industry; she is a dance and Zumba instructor professionally.

You can listen to Mjolo by Ashta Eez and produced by Reverb 7 below and share with us your views:


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