Jehovah’s Grace Music (JGM) – A Hip-Hop Apostle of Faith and Creativity


There have been numerous terms used to describe rappers who lean into Christian religiosity to convey their messages. But for Chris Munashe, otherwise known as Jehovah's Grace Music Anthems  (JGM), terminology isn’t much of his concern. 


All he cares about is that there are progressive messages that can be relayed to those with hip hop predilections by infusing Christian-inspired raps in his works. 

JGM has been a hip hop connoisseur for a considerable time, and his decision to maximize Christian religiosity in his hip-hop tracks is one not to be taken lightly, even though it is easy to gloss over such by merely assigning the label ‘Christian rap’ to his well-crafted efforts. 

His latest single Jesu Ndimi Mambo – accompanied with a well-shot video adding energy to his booming vocals – shows that the hip-hop culture is an apt vehicle to deliver messages hinged on inspiration and motivation, from a faith-based perspective. 

His raps, delivered on trendy hip-hop sounds in vogue, illustrates his devotion towards a progressive consciousness inspired by his religious beliefs. He revels in the reality of praising God via hip-hop. 

The one thing he does not leave any room for doubt is music videos. With a mind showing a holistic appreciation of the core tenets of videography, JGM delivers visual shots – brought to life by Director Leoy V's eagle eye – that enable him to feel as free as possible in preaching faith-inclined raps.

JGM is not a newcomer to the hip-hop scene. He has been making music for years, experimenting with different styles and genres. But he has found his niche in Christian rap, which he sees as a way of expressing his passion and purpose. 

He is not afraid to rap about his faith, even if it means going against the grain of mainstream hip-hop culture.

JGM is one of the few artists who can balance hip-hop and Christian religiosity without compromising either. Which is a tenuous balance but one he strives to achieve with ambidextrous ingenuity.

He proves that rap can be a tool for evangelism and edification, as well as urban culture entertainment. Jesu Ndimi Mambo is a testament to his talent and conviction, and a concrete sign of his vast potential to reach a wider audience. 

You can watch the video for Jesu Ndimi Mambo by JGM below and share with the world your thoughts:

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