Cindy Munyavi releases new single 'A Stitch in Time' – A melodic call to action

HARARE – Zimbabwean songstress, Cindy Munyavi, is back with her latest single, 'A Stitch in Time.' Known for her dynamic vocal prowess and genre-bending creativity, Cindy Munyavi's newest musical endeavour combines a love story with a universal message - the perils of procrastination.

Cindy Munyavi latest 2023 single

A Stitch in Time takes its inspiration from the timeless English proverb, reminding us that "a stitch in time saves nine." Cindy Munyavi beautifully encapsulates this notion in her song as she explores the theme of seizing opportunities before they slip away. 

The track delves deep into the struggles we face when procrastination holds us back from pursuing our passions, making it an anthem for those determined to break free from its grip.

With a single cover art that mimics the iconic Time Magazine, Cindy invites us to draw parallels between the timeless wisdom encapsulated in the magazine's content and the urgency implied by the title of her song. In an era where time is of the essence, 'A Stitch in Time' serves as a melodious reminder that time waits for no one.

Described as a party starter, 'A Stitch in Time' is more than just a catchy tune; it's a rallying cry to live in the moment and not let opportunities slip through your fingers. Cindy Munyavi's electrifying vocals, combined with the infectious amapiano beat, promise to get listeners on their feet and dancing away their procrastination blues.

Reflecting on the song's creation, Cindy shared: "I hope this song will resonate with my audience in that when you like someone or something, make a move, take a chance, be bold, and go for what you want not just in love but in every sphere of life." 

Her heartfelt words underline the song's message, urging us all to take action when it matters most.

She also gave insights into the song's unique production, saying: "I approached the production from a very world music sort of spectrum. I wanted the sound to be something that the whole of Africa and the world at large could relate to." 

She further elaborated on her choice of amapiano as the genre to convey this powerful message.

"Right now, amapiano is a genre that is popping worldwide, and from a sound perspective, I wanted it to be a sound that people could easily identify with and resonate with," she added.

"But the song was originally written as an Afro-jazz number, so the smooth jazzy or soulful vocals mixed with amapiano gives a blend of not only good easy-on-the-ear music but it makes the song have the ability to catch audiences that are across generations because of the maturity of the vocals as well as the excitement and the pop that comes with the beat."

Cindy Munyavi's 'A Stitch in Time' promises to be a chart-topping hit that not only gets you grooving but also encourages you to embrace life's opportunities with open arms. 

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