Chamisa denies Tshabangu's CCC membership, calls by-elections a crime


HARARE – As Zimbabwe's latest political developments continue to erode confidence in democracy, Nelson Chamisa, the president of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has dismissed Sengezo Tshabangu as a ZANU PF agent who is bent on crushing the opposition party from within. 

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Turmoil ... Nelson Chamisa said Tshabangu is not a CCC member and has refused to participate in the December 9 by-elections.

Tshabangu claims to be the interim secretary general of CCC and has initiated the recalls of several CCC MPs and councillors. 

He has seemingly profited from the apparent non-existence of clear structures and a constitution within CCC, bringing to the fore glaring leadership inadequacies in the largest opposition party in Zimbabwe. 

In an interview released on Wednesday, Chamisa proclaimed that Tshabangu was not a CCC member and that he was imposed on the opposition party by ZANU PF for nefarious ends. 

The CCC leader said that ZANU PF wanted to distract CCC from its demand for fresh elections after the disputed 23 and 24 August harmonised elections.

Chamisa also announced that CCC will not participate in the contentious December 9 by-elections, which were triggered by the recalls. 

He said that the recalls were conducted unlawfully, criminally and unconstitutionally, and would therefore boycott the 'Muppet Show'. 

"I have told you that. I’m sick and tired of commenting about ZANU or FAZ. I’m not a member of ZANU. I’m not a member of FAZ," Chamisa said. 

"I’m sure if you want a proper comment about those people, that name – the moment you mentioned it, you remind me that I’m talking to the wrong person because you see Tshabangu or Twabam guy is not a CCC member, he belongs elsewhere. He is being imposed on the CCC to particularly achieve certain ends."

Chamisa accused ZANU PF of playing a covert role in the recalls, asserting that the ruling party is fully aware that CCC had defeated them in the August 2023 polls.

"They want us to focus internally and not focus on the issue.

"They want us to take our eyes off the need for a proper election and focus on these stupid and useless by-elections that have been created unlawfully, criminally and unconstitutionally and we will not waste our time on unconstitutional things."

Chamisa also attacked the Speaker of Parliament (Jacob Mudenda), the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and the president of Zimbabwe for basing their actions – actions that are premised on a crime. 

"The fact that we have a Speaker who chooses to act not just in error but on the basis of a crime, a ZEC that chooses to act on the basis of a crime and a ‘president’ of a country who chooses to act on the basis of a crime makes it a criminal syndicate. Zimbabwe has become a big crime scene when it comes to tearing apart the constitution of the land."

Chamisa insisted that CCC will not field candidates to participate in the by-elections, saying that they are not desirous of partaking in a criminal activity. 

"We don’t participate in crime. It would be a different ball game had this position or these vacancies been created by a proper case of law and the course of law," Chamisa asserted. 

"You can’t choose to criminally produce and impose a fraudster, (have) a bogus recall, which is not from CCC."

There have been growing calls for Nelson Chamisa to establish clear-cut structures within the party in line with a well-laid constitution and selection of leadership via an elective congress. 

Observers are of the belief that the recalls were part of the ruling party's machinations to expose the leadership gaps in the opposition, and in the process achieve a two-thirds majority in Parliament in order to pass legislation favourable to the whims of Zanu PF.

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