ChocNY and Matz Muziq bring Amapiano dance vibes to Prudence Katomeni's 'Huya Tidanane Remix'


There can be no doubt that Zimbabwe is exceedingly endowed with brilliant music producers. It is a truism. And the current prevalence of various urban music sounds from youthful populations aptly demonstrate this. This is what the Huya Tidanane (Sweet Kulture Remix) by Prudence Katomeni engenders—blessed with production excellence from ChocNY and Matz Muziq.


The remix for the song Huya Tidanane encapsulates a refined dance tune inclined to the Amapiano cultural movement. It is inescapable: such a powerful iteration of dance music was catapulted to global renown, and of course it inspired many in Zimbabwe.

It also features Tino Sax and Bradley Sibiya.

But, first, who are these musicians? We will focus on Sweet Kulture's music producers Choc NY and Bradley Sibiya. Crisp introductions will do well. 

Choc NY, officially Nyaradzo Thando Godwin Mbofana, is the first born of the new York Times Best selling film actress, singer/song writter Prudence Katomeni Mbofana and legendary veteran radio deejay Comfort Mbofana. 

Born on the 9th of August, Choc Ny started his musical journey at a young age being raised in a music oriented household.In 2009 he was part of the opening act at the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) along side currently established young artists such as Tamy Moyo and Chengeto Brown.

The name "Choc" was derived from Nyaradzo's immaculate dark skin tone and the NY come from NYaradzo.

Choc NY and Matz Muziq

Choc NY is behind a number of household records in the Zimbabwe hiphop industry such as Hakata by probeats as well as platinum selling artist, Shingai and Bryan K's Harare to Mutare. He also produced for 2022s best female hip hop award winner Young Gemini, Jnr Brown, Monolio Mukundu and Zukiswa Wenner just to name a few.

Prosper Matizanadzo born on the 29th of august 1999 is better known as Matz muziq is a Zimbabwean based producer who is a pioneer in the Zimbabwe Dance Music Sector of the industry. Hailing from Masvingo, Zaka , Matz Muziq was taught how to play the African drum by is mother , Esther Chigudu. Both his mom Esther was an accounts clerk and his father George Matizanadzo were teachers at St Anthony's Catholic School.

Matz muziq's rural upbringing in Zaka did not impead him from dreaming big as he got the chance to relocate to Harare though a basketball scholarship at a top private school in the capital Cornway college. 

Upon completion of high-school, he has since ventured into pursuing an IT degree at Catholic University as well as his musical career. Having drawn so much inspiration from Oliver Mutukudzi, Matz Muziq first released an Amapino version of Tuku's ndakuwara which has gained substantial online traction and also went on to produce a radio favourite song tittled Unaware with Dj Madeherbelieve and Tahle wedzinza.

The two excellent sound producers are affiliated to Sweet Kulture—a creative agency birthed in 2009 and based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Its purpose of existence is premised on celebrating and advancing Zimbabwean cultural music production, promotion and content creation. Its goal is to take Zimbabwean culture to the world stage and tell african stories through music and content. 

On the song Huya Tidanane Remix, Choc NY and Matz Muziq, together with Tino Sax and  came together with the musical legend Prudence Katomeni Mbofana to bring forth a serenading yet smoothly evocative dance tune oozing melodies of romantic affection. It is a remix intended to bridge generational gaps in music, and to foster a sense of oneness. It lends this suave dance tune some legendary status, even if some may perceive us as going overboard on this. 

Everything about radiates soulful contemplations of an innocent love.

What we love the most about Huya Tidanane Remix is the musical talent exuded by Choc NY and Matz Muziq—and appreciating that such fine artistry is only a result of being inspired by music legends of older generations. Prudence Katomeni in this context.

So, yeah, we love this tune. It does justice to creativity.

Listen to the Sweet Kulture Remix for Huya Tidanane by Prudence Katomeni Mbofana; Produced by ChoC NY, Matz Muziq, Tino Sax & Bradley Sibiya below and share with the world your thoughts:

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