Tiyani Afrika Takes the Music Scene by Storm with Debut EP ‘Tiyani’


Tiyani Afrika, also known as Tino Chinyani, has established himself as a multi-talented individual in various industries, including art, television, modeling, entrepreneurship, influencing, and motivational speaking. 

Tiyani Africa Tino Chinyani Debut EP Tiyani

With an impressive artistic repertoire and undeniable charisma, Tino now ventures into the world of music, aiming to connect with audiences on a deeper emotional level through his storytelling.

His debut EP, titled Tiyani, delivers a powerful message of resilience and perseverance, symbolized by the Xitsonga word for Be Strong

This five-track project showcases Tino's undeniable talent as a musician and solidifies his position in the music industry.

Tiyani embodies the quest to conquer fear and serves as a reminder that life can be enjoyed, finding solace and inspiration in the healing power of African music. 

Through this EP, Tino expresses his journey, passion, love, and memories, with the overarching theme of everything being dedicated to his son. 

Tino's move from Zimbabwe to South Africa to chase his dreams only adds to the depth and emotion portrayed in his music.

Produced by the talented Vugar M Beats, the EP features a fusion of Afrobeat and hip-hop rhythms, showcasing a new and unique sound that transcends genre limitations. 

It is evident that Tino has fully immersed himself within the instrumental and vocal range, showcasing the expertise and skill of a seasoned musician. Tiyani is unquestionably a masterpiece and a testament to Tino's artistic ability.

With a runtime of just 15 minutes and five songs, Tiyani is easily digestible, yet it leaves a lasting impact. 

This EP serves as a strong introduction to Tino's musical journey, leaving listeners eager for more. It is available on all streaming platforms, ensuring that everyone can enjoy and appreciate this exceptional body of work.

In conclusion, Tino Chinyani, also known as Tiyani Afrika, has effortlessly transitioned into the music industry with his debut EP Tiyani

Through powerful storytelling and a unique sound, Tino delivers a message of resilience and dedication, showcasing his talent as a musician. 

With its easily digestible format and undeniable artistry, Tiyani is an EP that demands attention and solidifies Tino's place as an artist to watch out for.

You can listen to Tiyani EP by Tiyani Afrika via the link below:

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