ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Enoch’ by ExQ – An Impressive Sonic Journey


ExQ's (aka Enoch Munhenga) latest album, "Enoch," is a testament to his stature as a stalwart in the Zimbabwean hip-hop scene. With 16 tracks and a lineup of talented collaborators, this album showcases ExQ's growth and evolution as an artist. The production of "Enoch" is top-notch, thanks to the contributions of renowned producers Dj Tamuka and Rodney Beatz. They have skillfully balanced innovation with familiarity, resulting in a distinctive sonic identity for the album.

exq latest full album enoch 2023

Here is a list of ExQ's albums according to their release order:

1. Exquisite (2005)

2. Love is my Religion (2007)

3. Grown and Sexy (2008)

4. Mr. Urban Grooves (2012)

5. Tseu Tseu (2018)

6. Verified Milestone (2021)

7. Enoch (2023)

These albums span over the course of ExQ's career, showcasing his growth and evolution as an artist. Each album offers a unique sonic experience and demonstrates ExQ's talent and versatility within the Zimbabwean music industry. From his early releases to his most recent projects, ExQ has consistently showcased his ability to create captivating music that resonates with listeners.

The album launch was filled with rising Zim hip-hop stars and special guests, further demonstrating the significance of "Enoch" in the music industry. The event's lineup guaranteed an unforgettable experience for fans and highlights the impact and influence of ExQ's work.

ExQ is known for his ability to thrive off collaborations, as well as hold his own as a solo artist. 

His latest album, "Enoch," showcases this talent on all 16 tracks:

1.Kana Todla


3.Bluetick (Featuring Freeman HKD)

4.Dating Is Not Easy (D.I.N.E)

5.Amour (Featuring Jah Prayzah)


7.Mashoko (Featuring Kim)

8.Let's get to it

9.Papi Energy (Featuring Voltz JT)

10.Dzinotsika (Featuring Baba Harare)

11.Firi Gudhu (Featuring Dispatch - Jah Prayzah)

12.Mwana Iyeyu (Featuring Holy Ten)

13.Nyope (Featuring Nutty O and DJ Tamuka)

14.Ane Mari


16.Many Men (Featuring Enzo Ishal)

One standout track on the album is "Amour," featuring Jah Prayzah. The collaboration between ExQ and Jah Prayzah brings a dynamic energy to the song, making it a favorite among listeners. The fusion of their voices and the infectious rhythm creates an irresistible listening experience.

Another notable track is "Mwana Iyeyu," featuring Holyten. This song showcases ExQ's ability to seamlessly blend his style with that of another artist, creating a harmonious and captivating composition. Holyten's contribution adds depth to the track, making it a standout moment on the album.

"Firi Gudhu" is a wildcard on this album, featuring Dispatch and Jah Prayzah. This rhumba-infused song stands out from the rest of the tracklist, adding variety and showcasing ExQ's versatility as an artist. The combination of Dispatch and Jah Prayzah's vocals alongside ExQ's rhythmic flow creates a unique musical experience that leaves a lasting impression.

It seems that the ExQ and Takura collaboration One More Time was released as a single prior to the album's release but did not make it onto the final tracklist. 

This can happen when artists release singles as part of promotional efforts but ultimately decide not to include them on the album for various reasons, such as wanting to maintain a specific theme or flow for the overall project. 

While it may disappoint fans who were anticipating the collaboration to be included on the album, they can still enjoy the song as a standalone single and appreciate the creativity and talent of both ExQ and Takura.

Throughout the album, ExQ demonstrates his skill in both collaborations and solo performances, ensuring a varied and engaging listening experience for his audience. His ability to seamlessly blend different styles and showcase his lyrical prowess further cements his place as a respected artist in the Zimbabwean music scene.

  • Overall, "Enoch" deserves high praise, earning a solid 7.5 rating. 

ExQ's ability to blend different styles, his impressive collaborations, and the overall cohesion of the album make it a true gem in his discography. 

Each track offers something unique, ensuring a captivating listening experience from start to finish.

The name Enoch is of Hebrew origin and it means "dedicated" or "initiated." In the Bible, Enoch was a righteous man who walked with God and was taken up to heaven without experiencing death.

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