THE POET’S HAVEN: ‘tales from the pen of the story-tailor’ by Wisdom Nzarayebani

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In this piece of The Poet’s Haven, we are blessed with a magnificently captivating literary work showcasing the raging inner turmoil from which no poet is spared. It is a fine piece of Zimbabwean poetry in which the excesses of contradictions that creativity inescapably comes with is beautifully counter-balanced by soulful portents of optimism.

tales from the pen of the story-tailor by Wisdom Nzarayebani 

‘i came upon a goliath once as he slept. and behold, what stood (okay, slept) ahead of me was a behemoth of a man.

he was so large he slept on portions of himself & doubtlessness told me without doubt that he felt none of it.

i would have gone on my way as i should have, but i didn’t. and what came next i probably shouldn’t have done, but i did it.

there is something about laziness that gives me unrest.

so i went around the perimeter and vi-et-armis, lit a flame within the vicinity of his pantaloons.

and what ensued post-factum i cannot mention here, for sakes of my fat ego and his shadow.

there is something about laziness that gives me unrest.

what is it in my chest that admires effort so?’




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