‘HURUNGWERE’ – ZimDancehall Star Silent Killer Drops New Album

ZimDancehall superstar Silent Killer – otherwise known by the monikers Angel of War, Ngirozi Yehondo, Mwana Muparadzi, Mikairi, Ngwere Yemulonyeni, Regional Instrumental Serial Killer among others – has released a new sizzling, defiant, lyrically-rich album titled HURUNGWERE.

Silent Killer Hurungwere new 2022 album


As far as Zimbabwean music is concerned, not enough is said about Silent Killer’s top-notch, inimitable work ethic and lyricism. The ZimDancehall chanter – whom the greater part of the populace regards as controversial – is not really concerned about what the naysayers and armchair critics say about his music.

For Silent Killer, music (art in its entirety and generality) is a higher calling, a nobler purpose, and a righteous cause [let’s dub it the struggle] that must not be perceived in trifling terms. It is a life vocation he is fiercely committed to, and he never stops to make sure people understand where is he coming from and where he is going.

Riding on the success of his 2021 album Hondokondo Shiri (which ZimSphere extensively reviewed here) has released a new 2022 album titled HURUNGWERE, which comes off as his latest offering as far as asserting his position as ZimDancehall’s vanguard leader is concerned.

In choosing the album name Hurungwere, Silent Killer boldly says that what this simply means is that he is the unrivalled champion of the game; the supreme leader of Zimdancehall and Zimbabwean music at large. Hurungwere is Silent Killer’s spiritual outpouring of a potpourri of a plethora of sounds that will cater for different types/sections of his listener base.

The album – backed by the ever-supportive Paul Shambare, otherwise known as 'Elder Mhofu Shambare' – has more than 40 tracks (we cannot give a definitive number of tracks because according to his interview on Power FM, Silent Killer said that the album must have 50 tracks but other producers haven’t sent the other tracks).

As we are still digesting the album (we’ll bring the full detailed review later on) the most salient feature we love about it is the range of collaborations. Some of the tracks feature Kabhidha, Guspy Warrior, Tocky Vibes, Mr Early, Mr Waah, Hwinza – and production features DMG NB Studios, Marlon Tee, DJ Inno, among others. This is a bit different from Hondokondo Shiri were all tracks were done by DJ Inno and there was no collaboration.

We recommend that you listen to this album without haste – listen at your own pace, your own rate, and at your own appreciation levels. It is a conflation of deep messages that really need time; the music in its entirety must grow on you.

The album Hurungwere by Silent Killer is available for streaming or downloading on YouTube (on the channels Silent Killer Official or on DriftErnest Entertainment).

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