VI The Law and Kxng Massey Release ‘MAGITARE’ As They Beautifully Narrate Their Musical Journey

It is hard getting a modicum of renown in the excessively competitive world of the arts. But for VI The Law, Kxng Massey, and 3rd World Chronicles, the fight was worth it. And it is still worth it. As they recount their artistic journey as concerns magitare, we are left with no option but to admire their tenacity and success.



We of course know that the popular (and very much infamous) narrative in conventional familial and social discourse is that doing ‘zveMAGITARE’ amounts to nothing: that it is a sheer waste of time and that it is a futile existential exercise attracting nothing but poverty and crushed life expectations. 

But is that what art, in its sacrosanct entirety, amounts to? Is the expression of unrivalled musical talent a waste of time as society would want us (compel us, actually) to vaingloriously believe?

In their new no-holds-barred, suave, and polished audio-visual release  titled MAGITARE (yes, we love it that it’s in all caps) maverick rapper-producer VI The Law and the ever-brilliant Kxng Massey team up to tell us the full nuances of what music—art, in its entirety—means to them. 

And they do so not for their own ephemeral catharsis, but with the bigger picture of what art means to society at large.

In MAGITARE, VI The Law (read ‘Six-The-Law’) makes it a point that his unparalleled production excellence certainly ranks high up there as far as the discourse of gifted Zimbabwean music producers is concerned. It is a level of production that sounds easy on the ear, without running the risk of adding superfluous elements that may diminish the potentiality of new listenership. His technical side with the sounds is marvellous.

It is this sort of mastering eloquently smooth rap production that vindicates VI The Law as the Best Underground award winner at the Zim Hip Hop Awards 2022. 

And when it comes to authoritative yet beautifully persuasive and influential penmanship, it is incontrovertible that VI The Law is unmatched. His inimitable lyrical flow, conflated with superior production abilities, is what the message reveals in abundant clarity - MAGITARE. An eponymous title.

What we love the most about the track MAGITARE is the concretely convincing manner in which Massey handles the hooks as well as his enviable verse.

Perhaps one would want Massey to keep on releasing with as much frequency as possible.  But that is a talk for another day.

Massey’s solid lyrical prowess weaves seamlessly with VI The Law’s awesome pen, providing a formidable rap tag team. And we love the social consciousness in explaining the powerful societal effect of music - of magitare - when he waxes lyrical, “Vapfanha vemayard vakutambira kuMbare”. It is how the subaltern side of town is alluring for the relatively privileged:

Tadzoka zvekare kuzorova magitare
PaGuta reHarare panotapira samare
Vapfana vemayard, vakutambira kuMbare
Matombo muhomwe, tinokweva kuti tifare

The message becomes complete. Should we give Kxng Massey a bit of the Communist Manifesto? Again, that is a talk for another day. And also, Kxng Massey is a brilliant video director.

The visual exposition is the most awesome aspect of this new release. For the simple reason that it traces the journey to its innocent provenance—Prince Edward School. And here is a convincing take from the fellows at Greedysouth:

Magitare was also released with brilliant visuals done by 3rd World Chronicles. The video has a nostalgic feel to it as it goes around sights at Prince Edward School, a place of historical importance in both artist's lives.

Watch and listen to MAGITARE by VI THE LAW and KXNG MASSEY below and share with us your thoughts:

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