REFRESHING SOUNDS: Mr. Mazzy Makes Fair Debut With ‘Tabula Rasa’ Album


It is in every human being to try, and trying entails the starting process before actually learning. Altogether, the processes embedded in psychology as a doctrine appreciate this ‘tabula rasa’ and it is iteratively translated to being born with a blank mind. That we come into the world as empty vessels before life’s vicissitudes fill us to the bream.


Mazzy is the boy trying to start a journey in an abstract world where nothing but thought begins aligning to make in full circle a life derived from his practical experiences.

He portrays a vision that is fully mapped out in respect of the fact that he already owns a record label ‘Mazzy Entertainment’. A confirmation that co-existence is essentially the central influence to whatever that fills the Tabula Rasa.

This brings us to the ultimate conclusion that the journey in art endeavors to uplift and positively influence the people in a society we call home. This home is Chitungwiza where the artist has fed and watered his development.

Mazzy walks into any room of singers. That is probably his most musical strength but also his background as a poet is apparent through-out the album.

The lyrics are decently giving depth to the realities of love affairs, ambition, revelations and the hustle. You can argue and confirm that modern youths have it easy in content creation because the brokenness of society nowadays is too close to home.

It is therefore the lack which is filling the tabula rasa. The hopelessness in dreams to get big and whatever that is becomes a point of anxiety.

The album features an interlude from Stiiv which is a major deal regards to optics on the overall outlook. Mazzy also roped in his trusted companion Hitto Chieff whose verse compliments the melodies.

This project is an exercise of ambitious artists who have banked their faith in creating music at a level that is self-fulfilling. And can anything be more beautiful than art which comes from a place of heartfelt exploits?  These claims are anchored by the fact that Eben produced the album and he is undoubtedly there as a producer whose potential needs no auditioning.

For a debut album the flip side of things is intentionally blurred in this review but the following points can be noted. In the realm of upcoming artists a lot of potential is barricaded by the systematic failure of our business side of the industry.

Therefore good music can only go thus far without sharpening how to put it out. How must it be done? The gods still haven’t let us know but roll out in the digital era is at least expected to tilt towards the visual aspect of things.

A little more online presence may also bring the fortune home.

Conscious that this might not directly influence the prospects but for artists like Mazzy wider engagement is a gamble that can pick a few blocks to give structure to everything filling the tabula rasa.

The album is available on all streaming platforms. Stream Tabula Rasa by Mr. Mazzy via this YouTube link. And your comments are welcome in the dialogue box below

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