Blowout Festival: One Last Spin For The Legendary Uncle Goofa


Screeching tyres, handbrake turns, bursting tyres twists and turns; the list is endless to describe what 52 year old veteran spinner Uncle Goofa could do in a German BMW popularly known as the Gusheshe. 

Uncle Goofa is set to do his much anticipated last spin showcase at the upcoming Blow out Festival hosted by Selekta Base dubbing the event Kings of the City Edition at Borowdale Race course on Sunday.

In a statement released recently Uncle Goofa expressed heartfelt gratitude to the fans, friends, family and sponsors appealing for the sport not to die.

"On the 30th of October will be my last time showcasing what I have learnt over the years, I will be stepping down from spinning. I hope the sport will continue to grow", he said.

Revellers at the Kings of the City Edition are set to witness the auctioning of veteran spinner Uncle Goofa after his set as the proceeds of the auction will benefit a yet to be named charity home. In an interview with Zimsphere in Harare recently Blow Out Festival host Selekta Base revealed that Zimbabwe Spinners Association (ZISA) will benefit from the auction.

"Scarfmore Records, Seal Entertainment and Better Brands Petroleum have decided to chip in as it is part of the Cooperate social responsibility on this exciting initiative to auction Uncle Goofa's car as it is ,25% will be go to his son and the other 25 % goes to Goofa and some of it will go towards  charity  and Zimbabwe Spinners Association", said Selekta Base.

Big rims, music, food, growling engines and a celebration of the car culture have been attracting revellers from Harare and beyond. Gweru's turn table spinner DJ Raza of team Mahogany will not on spin the decks but the wheels as well.

"It's going to be an epic event as Holy Ten, Saint Floew, Chillspot, Raydizz and Rawse,Anita Jackson and DJ RAZA of team Mahogany all the way from Gweru", added Selekta Base.


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