Bling4 Brings a Flair of Candid, Fearless, and Thought-Provoking Lyrics to ZimHipHop


The wide array of new names that have come to the fore as far as Zimbabwe Hip-Hop in 2022 is concerned has been a truly phenomenal, inspiring, and lovely spectacle to observe and follow. This year has seen the reputation of the Zim Hip Hop collective surge to exponential levels that many could only dream of previously. But this is a clear testimony regarding the hard work that many beloved stakeholders—rappers, producers, sound engineers, beatmakers, bloggers/writers, vloggers, mainstream print media journalists, promoters, and the listeners—of the game have invested lovingly in all these preceding years. One of these new names under focus at hand is the amazingly refreshing and boldly authentic Bling4.

Ever since he burgeoned towards nationwide renown following the super smash hit Fire Emoji released earlier this year (alongside the immensely gifted Leo Magozz and Brian Jeck), Bling4 has maximized his full potential in blessing the game with this true artistic expression for the progressive emancipation and solidarity of largely Zimbabwean urban youth who are mostly acquainted with hip-hop sounds. 

Carrying an aura of striking humility, Bling4 engenders his distinct rap style predicated on unleashing an infinite lyrical flow that does not by any account come off as unnecessarily convoluted. 

His raps embody an elegant simplicity, because his ultimate and indispensable goal is sharing the everyday stories that the people of Zimbabwe, in Africa, go through, whether young or old, rich or poor, educated or not, and so on and so on. 

His art is packaged in a way that cuts across class, gender, faith, race, and political affiliations. He is a good example of how the new youthful entrants in the sphere of Zim Hip Hop can come off as organic rap intellectuals, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Bling4 is never afraid to proffer candid, fearless, and thought-provoking lyrics. He touches on wide socio-economic subjects, reflecting the disillusions of the Zimbabwean youth in 21st century, post-colonial Zimbabwe. Art then becomes a potent and cogent vehicle of self and collective expression to strive for a progressively authentic and empowering consciousness. 

Themes he touches on revolve around family troubles, romantic relationships, unemployment, economic hardships, domestic violence/abuse, addiction problems, esteem issues, friendships, and many others.

Bling4 has utilized his platform in a meaningfully engaging way. And with the pivotal support of Leoy V, the visuals-man of the culture, he is presenting an amazingly unique art through Letter Z Music Factory videos. 

Bling4's songs and videos have been raw, uncut, unhinged, and inspiring - works such as Zviri paground, Tinashe Mugabe, Life Yake, Hakuna Magetsi, Matemai, Musaga, Hausi Bharanzi and Zviriko accurately portray what he is all about. 

He is not here to play, but to inspire and stay long in the game. Bling4 is a special name to reckon with, his exciting drill sound and its permutations give him that much-coveted replay value. He is part of an exciting New Age Zim Hip Hop collective. 

The future looks exciting indeed. Zim Hip Hop in 2022 has scaled heights never seen before. The quality continues to soar, and the cogent stories told are revolutionary, in all honesty. And this story is not enough without extending gratitude to Zero53 Music and Director Leoy V of Letter Z Music Factory.

You can stream or download songs by Bling4 on YouTube and other platforms on the internet.

Isai Kupenya song and video by Bling4 is a manifestation of exquisite art and you can watch the video below and share with us your thoughts:

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